It's been a tough time for charities. Funding is important and we're glad we can support you with a grant, however we know that it's about more than that. Here are some of the ways we can offer further support. 

Ways we can support you

Free wellbeing workshops

Working for a charity is an amazing thing to do, however we know that you deal with tough decisions and heart breaking cases on a day to day basis. It can take its toll on your energy. 

Managing your energy can help you take more control and keep the right balance in your life. We offer free wellbeing workshops to our grant recipients. 

Email to request information about Personal Energy workshops and find out how to sign up

Personal Energy Guide

This quick read provides evidence-based advice on keeping your energy in a good place, helping you to be at your best. 

Do you need volunteers?

There are over 20,000 people working for Bupa across the UK and they are able to request up to 3 days volunteering leave. If you have volunteering opportunities - skilled or general - then please do let us know. We'll advertise these in our internal volunteering database. 

Email and let us know:

-What the opportunity is

-Where it is (virtual or face-to-face and if so where)

-The date/timeframe and time commitment

-How many volunteering spaces are available

-Contact details

-Anything else key to the opportunity

Legal pro bono

Bupa’s UK legal team could support your organisation with free legal advice.


We love talking about your great work. Please feel free to tag us in your social media activity and share images/case studies with us. 

If you'd like to talk about your relationship with the Bupa Foundation please let us know in advance and share the copy/images with

There are a few do's and dont's that we ask for your help with please, take a look at the guide for further details. 

Bupa mental health hub

When it comes to mental health, normal is different for all of us. And we all need a little extra help at times. 

Bupa's mental health hub provides free videos, podcasts, tools and articles, put together by experts. The resources cover topics including coping with depression and dealing with stress.