Resources to help you feel your best

Good mental wellbeing is important for everyone. It helps us cope with life’s pressures and enables us to make positive choices.

Use these free resources to help keep your energy in a good place.

Coping with life during covid-19

Many of us will feel anxious and unsure of how things will pan out. These feelings are normal. Managing your energy can help you take more control and keep the right balance in your life.

Leading during challenging times

This guide gives SLT top tips to help teams manage energy through these challenging times.

Resilience Brilliance for educators

In this episode of our Resilience Brilliance podcast, Alex and Paula talk with Ben Levinson, Headteacher of Kensington Primary School and Soofia Amin, the school's Community and English as an Additional Language lead about how they cope with stress and anxiety. 

Ben and Soofia share how they have navigated the challenges of COVID-19 and their personal tips for keeping energy high and staying resilient.

Sport and resilience for schools

Join Ali Oliver MBE CEO of Youth Sport Trust and Joanna Coates CEO of UK Athletics in this episode about the power of sport and physical activity to build resilience.

Find out how the school movement ‘Well Schools’ is helping to create an education culture built on the foundation of physical, social and emotional wellbeing among students and staff.

Well Schools Movement

Well schools put wellbeing at their heart. They improve education outcomes by supporting school staff, senior leaders and young people. 

It isn’t a programme, quality mark or intervention; it’s about schools coming together to drive change, share challenges and solutions and help find support.

Connecting serving Headteachers to share challenges

HEAD2HEAD is a connecting service to match Headteachers from different regions to have a conversation with each other to share the load.

Free podcasts, seminars and networks to support mental health in schools

The Bupa Foundation and the Leeds Beckett Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools are delighted to work together to offer an free podcasts, webinars and networks for School Leaders, Senior Mental Health Leads and Pastoral Leaders in how to support both staff and pupils.

Resources to support young people

We are working with Mind to empower better mental wellbeing in young people. The free online resources can be helpful for the young people you work with who are having a difficult time or are struggling with how they are feeling. 

Free copies of The Happy News for schools

 “I believe that children deserve to be hearing about the good stuff going on in the world and not constantly surrounded by terror and fear. I want to encourage and inspire children to find their own happy news and look for the kindness in their schools and communities“. Emily Coxhead, Founder, The Happy News.

Any school in the UK can sign up and be in with a chance of receiving free newspapers each quarter, supported by the Bupa Foundation. 

Bupa mental health hub

When it comes to mental health, normal is different for all of us. And we all need a little extra help at times. 

Bupa's mental health hub provides free videos, podcasts, tools and articles, put together by experts. The resources cover topics including children's mental wellbeing, coping with depression and dealing with stress.