Thanks for taking the time to prioritise your energy. 

Join our Bupa Foundation Wellbeing Coaches for a live Personal Energy workshop. 

How it works

  • Bupa Foundation Wellbeing Coaches host Personal Energy sessions across the year

  • They take place live using Microsoft Teams so that you can join from your home of workplace

  • It takes around an hour and a half

  • You'll complete a Personal Energy Workbook as you go through the session

  • The sessions are open to anyone, so you could be joined by people from lots of different organisations, all looking to prioritise their energy. 

Personal Energy workshops help to:

  • Raise self awareness about your personal motivations for having good energy and what's affecting your energy and wellbeing

  • Understand how you treat your body affects your energy, with tools to keep a positive mindset

  • Identify simple ways to manage your energy every day with a Personal Energy action plan

Sign up

If you'd like to experience a free 60-90 minute Personal Energy live session please contact to register your interest.