Welcome to the Resilience Brilliance podcast

About Resilience Brilliance

At the Bupa Foundation we’re lucky to meet amazing people who are resilience superstars. We thought their stories deserved an audience, which is how our Resilience Brilliance podcast was born.

In each episode, our hosts Alex Cole, Bupa Foundation Chair, and Dr Paula Franklin, Bupa Foundation Trustee, chat with friends of the Foundation who share their powerful, personal stories of resilience.

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Our podcast hosts Alex Cole, Chair of the Bupa Foundation, and Dr Paula Franklin, Bupa Foundation Trustee, explain what on earth Resilience Brilliance is all about. 

Plus, they tell us what keeps them going when times are tough and reveal their resilience super powers!

Episode 1 - Resilience for educators

Alex and Paula catch up with Ben Levinson, Headteacher of Kensington Primary School and Soofia Amin, the school's Community and English as an Additional Language lead. 

Ben and Soofia share how they have navigated the challenges of COVID-19 and their personal tips for keeping energy high and staying resilient, no matter what life throws at them.

Episode 2 - Sport and resilience

Join Ali Oliver MBE CEO of Youth Sport Trust and Joanna Coates CEO of UK Athletics in this episode about the power of sport and physical activity to build resilience.

We hear incredible stories about how sports have helped changed people’s lives, and Alex and Paula learn that you don’t have to be sporty to benefit from getting active!

Plus find out how the new school movement ‘Well Schools’ is helping to create an education culture built on the foundation of physical, social and emotional wellbeing among students and staff.

Episode 3 - Communities and resilience

Paula and Alex meet two outstanding leaders who are passionate about tackling inequalities and breaking down barriers in the local community.

Ian Parkes, CEO at East London Business Alliance, and Safia Jama, Founder and CEO at Women's Inclusive Team, share their experiences of leading charities through this challenging year.

Ian and Safia share stories and lessons they’ve learned along the way and how community spirit gives them hope for the future.

Episode 4 - Resilience through inclusion

In this episode, we hear how Coding Black Females was born and how this non-profit organisation is empowering and inspiring the next generation of Black females to achieve success.

Join Charlene Hunter, Software Developer and Founder of Coding Black Females and Tanya Powell, Software Engineer and Mentor as they discuss personal challenges they’ve faced along the way and what inspires them to keep pushing for inclusion within the industry.

You don’t need to be a coder to find inspiration from Charlene and Tanya's stories and ambition!

Episode 5 - Resilience through faith

This episode has all the positivity feels! Yvonne Hope, CEO of Barnabus, shares how her faith led her to work with the homelessness charity 8 years ago and how her work serving the community gives her purpose.

Growing up, Yvonne didn’t feel as if she belonged anywhere. Along the way she’s learned that if you surround yourself with positive like-minded people – like her colleagues at Barnabus – you can create your own community and place in the world. 

Yvonne’s positivity and humour is truly infectious - you’ll come away from this episode with a smile on your face and a pocket full of resilience tips.