Resilience Brilliance podcast

This brand new podcast series is brought to you by the Bupa Foundation.

In each episode, our hosts Alex Cole, Bupa Foundation Chair, and Dr Paula Franklin, Bupa Foundation Trustee, chat with some of the Foundation’s friends who share their personal stories of resilience.


Our podcast hosts Alex Cole, Chair of the Bupa Foundation, and Dr Paula Franklin, Bupa Foundation Trustee, explain what on earth Resilience Brilliance is all about. Plus, they tell us what keeps them going when times are tough and reveal their resilience super powers!

Episode 1 - Resilience for educators

Alex and Paula catch up with Ben Levinson, Headteacher of Kensington Primary School and Soofia Amin, the school's Community and English as an Additional Language lead. 

Ben and Soofia share how they have navigated the challenges of COVID-19 and their personal tips for keeping energy high and staying resilient, no matter what life throws at them.