Wellbeing for Educators

Empowering educators to be at their best

Good mental wellbeing is important for everyone

It helps us cope with life’s pressures and enables us to make positive choices.

The Bupa Foundation is working with educators to share our wellbeing expertise – it’s a free, practical, evidence-based programme which can help make a positive difference.

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About Wellbeing for Educators

Wellbeing for Educators offers everyday tools to help manage your energy levels, particularly when life gets tough, and practical ways to support an improved culture of wellbeing in your school.

How it works

Your SLT need to agree for the programme to take place in your school and be actively involved. The programme is delivered by coaches in 90-minute workshops – these are currently taking place virtually. 

The approach is leadership-led, meaning we start with a workshop for SLT and wellbeing champions, followed by workshops for wider staff, including all educators and support staff. Both workshops cover the same content.

After the workshops have taken place, we encourage you to embed the programme into your school’s way of working and our trained coaches can provide follow up support and materials to help with this.

What do the workshops cover?

A Wellbeing for Educators workshop will help you to:

  • Raise self-awareness about your personal motivations for having good energy and what’s affecting your energy and wellbeing
  • Understand how you treat your body affects your energy, with tools to keep a positive mindset
  • Identify simple ways to manage your energy every day with a personal action plan.

Building a culture of wellbeing

We encourage you to share your energy action plans so that colleagues can support each other. 

We will help you recognise when you and your colleagues are feeling overwhelmed, and what practical help looks like. 

We will also provide strategies to help you embed the programme in your school.  

What educators say about our programme ​

We've helped over 2,000 educators through the programme so far. 

  • 99% understood the principles covered in the session
  • 91% feel confident in applying the principles to their own life and work
  • 89% identified steps on how they will manage their energy

"The reason it was so good was because you’ve got people who know what they are taking about. They are not biased, there didn’t seem to be an agenda."   Head of Department

"There was a lot of content that I actually hadn’t considered. I spend a lot of time investing in my professional skill set but very little time investing in my personal skill set. This has been helpful."  SLT member

Interested in our programme?

Wellbeing for Educators was developed in partnership with The Mitchell Practice and it is not permitted to be used for commercial gain

Free wellbeing toolkit for educators

We've curated a toolkit of free wellbeing resources including practical tips on looking after your wellbeing during challenging times, podcasts featuring personal resilience stories from educators, and signposting to peer to peer support. 

We hope these resources help you to keep your energy in a good place. Thank you for everything you're doing - we think you're amazing.