Caring for Carers funding programme

Across the UK around 7 million people are unpaid carers, supporting a family member or friend who is older, disabled or seriously ill. It is likely that the majority of people will take on caring responsibilities at some point in their lives.  According to Carers UK, around 1.3 million older people care for others in later life and in the workplace around 1 in 9 people is likely to have caring responsibilities.

Unpaid carers are often under significant pressure and many find that caring can take its toll on their own health, which is why the Bupa UK Foundation has focused on helping unpaid adult carers to support, manage and improve their own health.

How caring can impact health

The Carers UK State of Caring Report 2015 highlights the impact caring can have on people's health. Of the 4,500 carers surveyed:

  • The vast majority (82%) reported that caring has had a negative impact on their own health.
  • 84% said they felt more stressed and 78% more anxious as a result of their caring role.
  • More than half (55%) reported that they have suffered from depression.
  • Nearly half (47%) said they struggle to maintain a balanced diet.
  • Four in ten (41%) have experienced an injury or their physical health has suffered.