Beyond Words for World Mental Health Day Privacy Notice

Beyond Words for World Mental Health Day Privacy Statement

By submitting a creative writing piece or pieces to Beyond Words for World Mental Health Day, you are agreeing to the terms set out below and in the Project Terms and Conditions and consent to the use of the personal information you provide to us, as described in this notice.

Where your creative writing contains information which is classed as special categories of personal data e.g. regarding your physical or mental health, wellbeing and feelings, you are providing your explicit consent to the processing of that information by submitting your creative writing piece.

If you have any questions about how your information may be used, you can contact us at

For more information about how the Bupa Foundation collects personal information please see the privacy notice.

What's this Project about?

2020 has been a year like no other. We want to give young people a positive platform, time and space to express themselves through the power of writing. Under this Project, we are inviting all schools, young people and their supporters or carers to take part in a creative writing exercise as a positive action to support mental wellbeing. It’s about putting words to feelings as we live through this extraordinary year of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter and climate change. Research from Mind shows that two thirds of young people said that their mental health worsened during lockdown, (Mind, June 2020), and research from the National Literacy Trust shows that children and young people said that writing helped them process and cope with feelings of worry, anxiety and uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic (National Literacy Trust, June 2020).

What information will Bupa Foundation hold about me?

If you take part in the Project, we will collect two types of information about you. This is personal information (for example, your name and the name of the school you attend) and special categories of information (for example, any health-related information if you write about this in your creative writing piece).

 When pieces of work are submitted to us, we will always collect:

  • the name and email address of the person submitting the entry (this could be the name of the teacher or supporter on the authors behalf)
  • the first name of the author
  • the age bracket of the author
  • the name of the school attended by the author (if submitted by a teacher)
  • the title of the piece of creative writing, and the content of that piece of writing.

Why does Bupa Foundation collect this information?

We will only use your personal information for the Project where we have your consent. If you are 18 or under, your parent or guardian will need to give consent for Bupa Foundation to use your personal information during the Project.

How will my information be shared?

When you send us a piece of creative writing, we may publish and share it in the following ways:

  • we may display it on the gallery wall of the Bupa Foundation website
  • we may share it on social media by Bupa Foundation or by other companies within the Bupa Group
  • we may share it with our partners (this includes Cheltenham Festivals, Mind, and the National Literacy Trust) who may share it on social media
  • quotes may be used in communications such as emails and social media posts (we will always provide the first name of the author when we use quote lines unless the author tells us they don’t want to be named)
  • we may share it with a publisher if the creative writing is going to be published (which could be in a paper-based book or online)

The author, their school and their supporters may choose to share the work on their own social media channels.

What if I change my mind about sharing my work?

You have a right to control your personal information, so you can withdraw your permission for us to use your information. If you change your mind and no longer want your work to be published online, or if you want to remove your name from your work, or you want any social media posts from Bupa Foundation that reference you or your work, you can let us know by emailing us at  

We will aim to update our webpage within three working days. We can’t update any third-party messages (such as social media posts) or publications (such as hard copies) that were made before you told us you changed your mind.