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We will publish some of the stories you've submitted for Beyond Words for World Mental Health Day here in our Gallery throughout the project. 

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My life in 2020 by Amie (7-11)

I used to be trapped inside with my worries, nothing to do and no one to see,
but now I can run free of my worries, the wind lightly brushing my face.

I used to be bordered from family and friends,
but now I can see their smiles and embrace their hugs.

Cities used to be resting, peaceful and quiet but now they’re filling up with life again.

Life used to be complex, being pieced together day by day,
but now it’s completed, only face masks remain.

My friends used to be blurred faces upon a screen,
but now they’re reality, their smiles filling up the room.

My mood used to be a thunder cloud, grey and bored
but now it’s dawned into a sun, yellow, joyful and happy.

I used to be a lone wolf, sheltering from the outside world,
but now I’m a majestic eagle, soaring freely up in the bright, blue sky.

COVID-19 by Robert (7-11)

It started with germs, and we washed our hands,

Then it began to ruin our plans.

First, they shut the swimming pool,

Next thing they closed the school.

Parents had to work from home,

Whilst I chatted to the garden gnome.

Stuck at home we felt trapped,

For key workers we clapped.

For my grandparents who were shielding, I wrote them a letter,

I wrote jokes and drew pictures to make them feel better.

We always had 1-hour exercise in the sun and in the rain,

And on VE Day I pretended to be a plane.

In lockdown we all learnt new skills,

My sister learnt to ride her bike, And I raced down hills.

I must stay out of my Dad’s working room,

Because he is constantly on zoom!

Mum became a teacher with experiments galore,

Potions bubbling and volcanoes erupting all over the floor.

For a lockdown holiday, we got a trip to the Isle of Wight,

With eat out to help we ate with all our might.

The semi-lockdown rule of six,

Made my communion party a bit of a fix.

We do not know how long Covid-19 will keep us apart,

But all my family have a special place in my heart!

Black Lives Matter by Peter (11-14)

Climate Change by Geoffrey (7-11)

Climate change is vital it has affected us and many other people, but it has hurt the poorest communities who find it hard to help their people. We need to stop using fossil fuels because when we do, we are polluting our earth’s air and hurting everybody’s lives even animals’ lives. When we chop down trees, we are polluting our air with carbon dioxide which make the earth hotter.

In the Arctic, the sun is melting down the ice, polar bears and wolves are having trouble finding ice to stand on. We need to change now and stop hurting our world. From now on we will help by walking or cycling to places not go by cars. We should stop using fossil fuels such as oil and also stop polluting our beautiful given seas and ocean with plastic.

Maybe you can help by picking up any plastic you come across and dispose it in the recycling bin. I know it is hard during corona virus but if we start now and work together, we can change our world from a pile of filth to a beautiful land of richness.

Shh Listen by Charlotte (11-14)

Shh listen to the sounds of sadness,

Shh listen to the sounds of sorrow,

Feel your heart inside like a drum,

The virus is near.

Shh listen to the sounds of screams,

People locked up like prisoners,

Shouting from nearby houses,

Too long we have been stuck they say.

Shh listen to the sounds of crying,

Crying because they are not aloud to see their mum,

Because they are not allowed to go outside,

Because they are not allowed in others hearts.

Shh listen to the sound of pain,

Pain from deep within,

Pain from the fact we are alone,

Alone we are.

Shh listen,

Listen hard,

Listen to the sound,

The sound of the virus.

Poem by Vaishaali

Lockdown by Aseela

I can see people queuing outside of the supermarkets, standing 2m apart .
Food shelves were empty as classrooms, panic at the start.
Seeing family upon a screen,
Friends from school you have never seen.
The sound of people busy buying food,
Families together lighten the mood.
Helping in the kitchen, it smells like chocolate cake
Dreaming of all the cookies we will make.
I wish I can go up the hill,
I don't want to make people ill.

I see Lockdown by Emily (11-14)

I see the pain of the people

The hurt and the sorrow

I see the silent anger of the people

The lies and the secrets

I see the worry of the people

The fear and unrest

I see the grief of the people

The crying and the loneliness

I see the hope of the people

The resilience and the courage

I see the generosity of the people

The giving and the kindness

I see the joy of the people

The happy and the excitement

I see the trust of the people

The concern and the care

I see all this with my broken eyes

Locked down feelings by Deborah (11-14)

This year I have felt more bored than ever before.
On the walls of my bedroom they look like they are filled with excitement
from all the posters on the wall,
But in reality there is no excitement in the room, the colours have faded.
My feelings taste like nothing, from not knowing what to eat, therefore
eating nothing at all.
My feelings smell like flowers… that have no scent.
My feelings sound like Lions growling loudly from the solemn sensation
of starvation.
My feelings feel like sadness and sorrow overflowing me from being so

Trouble in 2020 by Destiny (11-14)

Yellow and black police tape,
Fires spreading like the news.
People mourning, children scared,
People dying and crying.
What’s this empty feeling?
Is it the loss of human-kind?
Or the friendships torn up and thrown away like yesterday’s left overs?
All the hate for colour,
Really makes me wonder,
I feel rundown, speechless and cold.

My 2020 by Beatrice (11-14)

2020 has been a year of confusion,

A year of panic and fear,

A year of hurt and worry

2020 has been a whirl wind of emotions,

Shock and puzzlement,

Thoughts and feelings

2020 has been the year to remember,

With climate change and coronavirus,

Black lives matter and forest fires

2020 has been strange and new,

With social distancing and masks,

Hand gel and online school

2020 has been a new experience for everyone,

No one knew what was coming,

No one could see into the unknown

2020 discriminated and hurt millions of people,

Black against white, white against black

Protests on the street and banners waving

2020 has killed parts of our earth

Species killed,

Polluted air

My 2020 has been just the same,

Messy and confused,

Trying to look at the positives

But 2021 is next to come

And we have a fresh start, something different to look forward to;

We have to leave the mess of 2020 behind us and start creating our new 2021

My 2020 poem by Electra (11-14)

It was a year that no one would have ever imagined,
a new year and a new school,
but who would have thought I’d be locked in my room with homework the size of Mount Everest.
The buses used to be packed with lots of people from different schools,
but now they are just empty and seem lonely.
Easter came and went by like a bullet through the air,
Birthdays flew by like a souring bird in the sky.
But when will everything go back to normal?

Going back to school by Michaela (5-7)

I saw my school friends every day,
But now the world has quickly changed
I was trapped at home feeling shocked,
Like being in a dungeon.
Days were elapsing rapidly,
I felt glum on my bed
I did not feel warm anymore,
I felt cold
Like winter’s snow.
So I thought about the future,
Anything could happen
I knew magic was everywhere,
It needed to appear.
But one day,
There was something different
I opened my creaky window,
The summer breeze was out there
I heard the school bell’s tune.
I sprinted downstairs,
To grab my bag
Then like a cheetah,
I dashed off to school
I felt so excited.
When I went in,
My eyes were staring like an owl,
Trying to catch its prey
Everything had changed,
I felt more shocked than ever
It was peculiar at school.
Was it real or not?

2020 by Ted (11-14)

2020 is like a whale
Struggling on a shore
Separated from the sea
And slowly dehydrating
Collapsing under its own weight
Feeling pain and sadness
With all hope completely lost
Drowning from the high tide

2020 is like a house
Bursting up in flames
Burning the valuables inside
Never to be seen again
Dangerous to get too close
A threat to people nearby
A normal family separated
From nothing but bad luck

2020 is like a puddle
Lying on the hard ground
Looking at the world around
But unable to move
A worthless bit of water
Splashed on by others
It feels nothing but sadness
That will soon dry up and be forgotten

2020 by Rory (7-11)

The Year 2020 by Freddie (11-14)

The year has been a strange one,
Our world plagued with disease,
But through all the darkness,
Heroes came through the breeze,

We all came together,
Fighting the virus like knights,
Our shields were face masks,
But the virus wasn’t out of sight,

As people fell around us,
And we took many a hit,
We fought back with hand sanitizer,
But the virus wasn’t going to sit,

Our knights in shining armour,
Our teachers, our doctors, our nurses,
They fought the battle on the front line,
And relieved us of the enemy’s curses,

As so many fought in the battle,
Some were alone at home,
No sports to watch or school to go to,
We only had our phone,

This virus attacked us brutally,
Everyday taking more lives,
We were imprisoned in our homes,
Forcing us to make creative dives,

We learned to enjoy our company,
We learned to savour our entertainment,
Watching plays from home,
Just a screen from our obtainment,

We are fighting a valiant battle,
We are participating in an unforeseen war,
We are one now,
Although separated by law.

A reflection on the darker days in the quarantine months by Lika (14-16)

This year is bathwater.
Though the winter’s ice recedes, the Stygian depth of February nights
Is only replaced with black stagnant pools of March-April-May.
Dreams of the seacoast exchanged for dreams
Of the London tube.
The red-brick heart of home still,
Carved out by months of festering solitude,
Its mornings and afternoons a nauseating constant.

This year is apples on the kitchen windowsill, and
Fields stretching beyond Spring into
Forgotten summers.
This year is bitter decadence,
It is crowns of weeds - full of scornful pride:
Old backyard kings in all their dandelion glory.

The zeroes of the kitchen clock glare.
This year is an eye for an eye.
Time settles round like dust,
Like quicksand, like saltwater.
The liquid gold of the mid-summer sun is sickly;
Replaced then with dull thunder and
Hours drumming out their monotonous pattern
Behind the thick hospital glass.

This year is like a toothache.
A numb, pulsating pain,
Full of paracetamol mornings and blocking out light.
The passing of days like a novocaine shot wearing off.
Opaque curtain of dreams between
Drooping eyelids and the screen,
Cybernated voice calling out from underwater.
Apples on the windowsill rotting.
Air heavy and static
Like our red-brick hearts.

My 2020 by Julia (7-11)

2020 poem by Rory (11-14)

2020 has changed our ways,
I used to be able to go watch away days,
Lockdown made us all sad,
Boris johnson made us all mad,

We tried to sneak out and be clever,
But rip chadwick boseman wakanda forever,
He said stay inside we'll all be fine,
Wash your hands don't cross the line,

Old people stayed inside from fear,
But how long a week,a month or a year,
I wish everything was normal,
But this is the new normal,

So we have to make the most out of it,
But how if all i can do is sit,
2021 please be more fun,
So my mum doesn't make me go on a run,

What a bad year.

Lockdown life by Lily (11-14)

During lockdown a lot of good and bad things happened, my OCD and anxiety got worse but was relieved when we went to collect my pug, Beau. When we found out we were getting her we were so excited, but that day we had to pack our stuff to go to my Nan’s because my mum had fallen ill. (That was really scary because we didn’t know what it was). That was back in April. After that tragedy happened everything was going fine afterwards and we soon got my puppy at the end of May!

In early/middle of June I saw a couple of friends (one at a time cause of COVID-19) one was for her birthday and one came to hang out because we hadn’t seen each other since April. It was really fun hanging out with them, I loved it!

As lockdown eased in July/August I was allowed to hug 2 of my friends and I learnt how to take care of myself as a teenager and I’ve also been learning who I am and what is special about myself.

I am sharing my lockdown story to others to encourage them to tell their story of how they felt during the COVID-19 emergency pandemic.

My 2020 by Diya (7-11)

'My 2020 vision' by Charlie (7-11)

I have a vision of the world in one year’s time
And I think that it’s gonna look just fine
No hands, face, space
No loss of smell or taste

I have a vision of the world in one year
We will be serene and smiling from ear to ear
No more one-way systems
I for one won’t miss them

I have a vision of the world in one year’s time
Where not wearing a mask won’t be a crime
And it won’t be a step too far
To hug or kiss my Grandma

I have a vision of the world in one year
A world that’s free from Covid-fear
No more reports on cases and deaths
No more worry about sharing our breath

I have a vision of the world in one year’s time
Where my house will win sports day for the very first time
No talk of virus or being ill
Just running and tackling on the rugby field

I have a vision of the world in one year
It’s going to be all elation and cheer
Halloween and Christmas will be once again
To celebrate with my family and friends

I have a vision of the world in one year’s time
And I know it’s gonna look just fine
But in the meantime, during this life test
Be kind, Embrace challenge and try your best!

My 2020 by Rose (11-14)

Looking back across the year,
Memories of lockdown...
Some fuzzy, some clear,

Same walk, same view,
Different seasons
Feeling blue

Missing friends, missing school,
Sick of zoom and
Only facetime calls

Keeping distant, washing hands,
Clap on Thursday,
Cancelling plans,

Rainbows of hope, wearing masks,
The world is changing,
Quick and fast,

2020 the year of change,
Defined by covid,
Very strange!

​My 2020 by Amin (7-11)

When Coronavirus started in March 2020, my school was closed and everyone had to stay at home in lockdown.

Lockdown has been hard for me because I couldn’t go and spend time with my family and friends. My school sent me work and I did it with my Grandad over FaceTime because my mum and dad were working. 

I made a rainbow picture with my sister and put it on the window for all the essential workers like my mum.  We went out and clapped for the carers on Thursdays which was nice because I got to see my neighbours.

In lockdown I played a lot of sport. We got a badminton set and played with my dad and my sister in the garden. I improved in my football and cricket skills and riding my bike. I enjoyed being outside and most days we went to the park because the weather was nice.  At the beginning I did my kickboxing classes over Zoom but now we are able to go back to classes.

We had to spend Eid in Lockdown, I did get presents and money from my family so it was a good Eid.  My mum made pancakes for breakfast and my Grandma sent us biryani and samosas for lunch. We FaceTimed my family on the TV in the morning and we had a quiz over Zoom. My mum and I made biscuits and we sent them to our neighbours

After six months in lockdown, we were allowed to go back to school.  I was moving to a new school and we were lucky that we got to meet our new class and teacher over Zoom before the summer holidays. I am happy to be back at school and have made lots of new friends.

'Give someone a helping hand' by Y4P Kensington School

'For the origin of species' by Talha (16-18)

This is a fictional letter I wrote to my grandfather about an extinct tree. Climate Change has affected the whole world. The tree became extinct because of it.

To Grandfather’s tree,

During my annual Spring cleanup tradition, I was clearing up my messy cupboard when a big
lumpy ball of clothes, books, yarn and other bits and ends fell on my feet. Among all of them, I
noticed something peeking out- a picture of my grandfather’s childhood from when he was a ten
year old boy wearing a crisp brown school uniform with neatly oiled hair. In the background I
saw you, a beautiful tree that I realised, I had never seen before. A quick look through a
botanical encyclopaedia confirmed my hunch. I had come across an extinct tree.

It was huge, iridescent and gloriously extravagant. The wide brown trunk would’ve sheltered all
my tiny friends when we’d play hide and seek in the yard. It would’ve been a perfect getaway,
guaranteeing me a win for every game. As my eyes looked up to the sky its shoulders formed
an umbrella, shielding my grandfather from the harsh, sweltering June heat.

“Parallel venation” my sister murmured to herself as she snuck a look from behind. We had an audience!

It was flowering during that time of the year, each petal a different colour. The one lying on the
ground next to his worn leather strap shoes had auburn, topaz and maroon ones. They would’ve
looked lovely pressed against the pages of an old journal. Suddenly I remember the three ants
that walked against the black ink of mine that I unknowingly crushed. Maybe not, I thought to
myself. You wouldn’t want all the beings who you lent your love and kindness to, that thrived
under the wide canopy die.

I wonder why you disappeared and I can’t believe that you’ll exist only through photos in this
world. How artificial we’ve become. I wish I could ask Grandfather but he passed away ten
years ago. He lived a long, happy life and I don’t think a world of phones, factories and robots
suited him. For a man who spent his last days reading the newspaper, listening to rusty records
and watering the recently planted Bougainvillea sapling, he would’ve hated a world which
auctioned off trees as if they were property, owned by people who did not cherish them in the
slightest. Perhaps it was for the best.

Your strength reminds me of the willpower of the people during that time, who lived through
wars, famines and revolutions. A characteristic of your generation, living through the veins
rushing through the soil.

I spend a lot of time these days, looking at your picture pinned up on my fridge with a sunflower
magnet. So many things have disappeared- the multicoloured chirping birds, the playing ground
with a cricket pitch where my friends would shout “Out! Out!”, grandfather who bought me a
whole collection of Tinkle’s for my birthday and you, who I never got to meet. Maybe if I water
the soil right where you grew, I’d see you come back to life one day.

All my love,

My 2020 by Alex (7-11)

'Articulate' by Alice 16-18

Chatterbox chit-chatting
         - Blessed simplicity of sociability
To escape the debates in my head.
But censorship holds back the words that
Really matter.

Active procrastination’s second nature
        - That’s all you can do when your mind’s
On a roll…
Consume book after book
You can live in any world (but your own)
Play any part (but your own)
On your own.


And empty. Always empty.

Find something to fill the void,
I feel devoid.

Thinking brain’s
Gon a-wandering
Jump back on the happy thought train.
        - Rain’s coming in.

Burden of a thinking brain,
Solving problems, composing poems
Between dreams, never at peace
        - Let me sleep!

An unspoken agreement
Behind this silent treatment.

Break. The. Stigma.

'I remember' by Jamie 11-14

Black Lives Matter by Ava (11-14)

It is like an ugly animal,
Vicious and sharp of tongue,
Belonging to lots of people,
The old and the young.

It has been ignored for too long,
We are all human you know,
No colour is wrong.

“I can’t breathe,”George said,”I can’t breathe.”
he said,as he lay on the ground,
With no justice,no remorse anywhere to be found,
From the man who murdered him with no reason,
Yet he was unbelievably granted freedom,

But it doesn’t stop there,
Oh no it doesn’t:
Elijah Mclain,
Breonna Taylor,
Rayshard Brooks,
Stephon Clark,
Atatian Jefferson,
Aura Rosser,
Botham Jean,
Philando Castille,
Alfon Sterling,
Michelle Cusseaux,
Freddie Gray,
Tanisha Anderson,
Micheal Brown,
Gabriella Nevarez,
Janisha Fonville,
Akai Gurley
And Tamir Rice, Tamir Rice a 12 year old boy,
Were all murdered for one reason,
The colour of their skin was deemed a sin.

Still that is not all,
There have been many more murders,
But it’s time to stand tall,
Together we are stronger,

Black Lives Matter and they always will,




'My happy day' by Bhushna (5-7)

My 2020 by Grace (11-14)

The language of 2020 was kindness
It said “hello” in a wave from across the road
It said “I love you” in a bag of shopping left on a doorstep
It asked “how are you?” in a surprise call on someone’s birthday
It said “miss you” in a ball thrown over a fence
It said “see you soon” in a chalk note written on the pavement

The language of 2020 was love
It said “still here” in a box of flowers delivered from a friend
It said “stand together” in a crumpled BLM placard held by many hands
It said “we’ll get through this” in a pair of smiling eyes above a mask
It said “don’t worry” in a pair of footprints two metres apart
It said “be strong” in a messy rainbow stuck in a window

And when it felt like the language of 2020 was hopelessness and loneliness
The people took over
And roared their love and kindness
Into one continuous noise

The language of 2020 was many different things
But the people were united
And they were the language of my 2020.

My 2020 by Bani (11-14)

All my hopes, my aspirations,
All the things that can’t happen,
All the complaining, all the expectations,
All the questions, all the answers,
Were they true, or were they false?

Can it happen, will it happen,
The confusion on peoples’ faces,
I can nearly taste freedom,
Yet it slips away again,
Lockdown- a prisoner in your own home.

All the extra time with the fam,
Taking the dog on a walk,
Homeschool - that was fun,
Facetiming friends, together but apart,
Parties, meetings all on zoom.

Keyworkers, the new superheroes,
Rainbows, storms don’t last forever,
Support everyone clap 8.00 every Thursday,
Back garden camping, paddling pools and BBQs,
2 metres apart, but always in my heart.

My 2020 by Reggie (11-14)

'Thank you to the people' by Erin (11-14)

Thank you to the people,
Who love, protect, and care.
You I will never forget,
And the kindness that you share.

Thank you to the people,
Working at the NHS.
You really are our heroes,
To have you we are blessed,

Thank you to the people,
Who are making all the choices.
We know it must be testing,
But we’re grateful you hear our voices.

Thank you to the people,
Who became teachers overnight.
Each one of you is a bright star,
In the darkest night.

Thank you to the people,
Who are choosing to stay at home.
We give you our prayers,
Just know you’re not alone.

Thank you to the people,
Who live in the UK.
You all play a crucial role,
In saving our today.

'The Sky Beneath Our Feet' by Monty (11-14)

'Help each other' by Khrystyna (11-14)

They wanted to help clean my house for me,
All the neighbours, beaming with positivity,
I declined however with a smile,
Sipping my tea of camomile.

I knew that I could do it all myself,
Were they worried about my health?
Really? I’m only 54!
And they’re already knocking on my door.

There was one thing, however that I did know,
I would never need their help – oh no!
I was always independent, always doing things myself,
No need for a mechanic to fix my shelf.

After some time, it became 2020,
Helping me realise, that I could have been more friendly.
But because of Covid I couldn’t go out,
Not even to talk or to give them a shout.

Months passed and I sat alone,
Watching as the moon shone and shone,
As the warming summers became winters,
Looking at the passing sprinters.

My house was a wreck and on the verge of breaking,
As I went to my computer my knees were aching,
And as I clicked ‘Checkout’ for my food,
My eyes on the empty wallet were glued.

I had no choice now but to ask for their help,
But would they even want to if I asked with a yelp,
I’d been so rude, they obviously wouldn’t want me,
But when I knocked, they let me in without a plea.

From then they helped me everyday,
Until I finally turned old and grey,
And died of old age with a grin,
Thanking everyone who helped me win.

A poem about the toughest year I have yet known,
Is waiting - awaiting for you to have grown.
And then to dig it out of files deep,
For your children to read and keep.

Make an offer everyday,
And ask twice if they’re okay.
Who knows, maybe they are not,
And you are helping them a lot.

Give them a call, or even a letter,
Sometimes that’s all it takes to make things better.
For all of us it was a giant leap,
But maybe it was just a nightmarish sleep.

Black lives Matter by Niamh (11-14)

I taste the blood on the air,
I taste the smoke that hangs in the air,
I taste the aroma of burning rubber,
I taste a world that could be ours.

I smell the bittersweet smell of blood,
I smell the burning flesh,
I smell the smell of gunpowder,
I smell a world that could be ours.

I see a world where they fight
I see a world where they hate
I see a world where they judge,
I see a world that could be ours.

I hear the cries of sobbing mothers
I  hear the screams of the fallen,
I hear the pleas of the orphaned children,
I hear a world that could be ours.           

I feel the grief,
I feel the pain,
I  feel the resounding emptiness,
I feel a world that could be ours.

I taste why we need to listen,
I smell why we need to stand together,
I see why we need to accept,
I hear why we need to stop judging

I feel why we need to see beyond our colour,
I know why we need to unite.

2020 by Paris (14-16)

'Silver lining' by Kelsie (14-16)

She is my pride and joy. With soft eyes that you could stare into forever. A heart made of love, slender profile and a great brilliant Chestnut coat. Em and Kenny were always there for me! All of them were! In the darkest days when my life Felt like it was a hurricane in the endless sea. I will never forget the days I spent with her. Cantering in a field full of grass and daisies. Under a clear blue sky.

Some people are scared of clowns, some of heights instead of any of that. Not spiders not snakes or the dark. Maybe that’s a little lie. I might be petrified of spiders but only a little bit.

I’ve got battered in my ears, my heart thundered in my chest. My feet tingled and my stomach churned. I felt as if I was between two walls not knowing what would happen to me.

I was waiting… anxiously I was waiting for a beautiful sparkling clean horsebox. . We were waiting for them to collect my little wonderful smart boy Kenny! I would prefer it if it was sooner than later. So my travelling emotions didn’t get worse. My head is pounding to myself worrying about what I shouldn’t be worrying about. I had to keep repeating in my head ‘it’s not goodbye forever is it goodbye for now’. There was a light on in the container packing for him his bridal saddle martingale other things like that. They were very late. I was anxious they had to come picked him up without saying goodbye already…

But I new there was a silver lining to it as Macy, one of the other ponies, is expecting a baby. We are still thinking of names like Katie Angel and Bell. But with Macy something always goes wrong. The first time we saw if she didn’t have a baby we put sedation in her it was far too much it was very very dangerous. Her gums went dark grey. I thought we were going to lose her. But luckily not. But we are just hoping that the foal has four legs and a tail. She’s expecting the baby at the end of June next year 2021. 

'Wishful thinking' by Elise (11-14)

This year I have felt more alone,
More alone than ever before,
Finding out about things I should have known,
Finding out about the nature that can’t take anymore.

At home we can relax by the warm fire,
Eat icecream as we cry in our beds,
Feel as safe and loved as we desire,
We forget about the roaring in Earths head.

As we read of fiction worlds to calm us down,
We forget to listen to the wind,
We forget about the chaos outside of town,
As we laugh and dance and sing.

In winter, at the very start of the year,
I don’t recall it being cold and wet,
But we didn’t notice that the roads were clear,
That the snow wasn’t able to set.

Even in the middle of the coldest season,
We didn’t need as many layers as we feared,
We also dint realise that in the arctic region,
Polar icecaps and icebergs were starting to disappear.

In Spring, the next season to come,
There weren’t as many flowers to appear,
The harsh fires that turned plants into crumbs,
Leaving birds without nests for the year.

How and why is this fair,
To rob animals of their partners and home,
To litter in the ocean that they try to repair,
Leaving only garbage on which they must roam.

Along comes Summer with its sweltering heat,
Drying up the rivers and grass,
As we suffer in lockdown with only our two feet,
This does not go by without a glance.

Finally something to enjoy besides endless rest,
Our minds no longer fixed on covid-19,
No longer reminded of the plants that protest,
No longer reminded of the major crime scene.

Now Autumn, oh how wrong we were to wait,
To hope for clouds and rain and gales,
That would change the worlds fate,
That would put us on the right trail.

But no, all that this next season has done,
Is cause homeless species to die from starvation,
None of them can find food in the harsh air, none,
Now no one can end this bad situation.

So, tell me I’m wrong to be scared,
Tell me I’m wrong to feel lost,
But cast your eye upon the nature that cannot be repaired,
That will be forgotten when there is no frost.

I feel alone with the knowledge of this news,
I feel alone when I know I can’t do this alone,
This is why I am writing this poem so you can choose,
Whether the world can help us as one.

'My walk' by Tia (14-16)

I opened the door and stepped out. The first thing I hear are seagulls and nothing else.

There wasn't a person in sight. It was very strange, it was like as if there was an apocalypse.
I start walking, there must be someone around here somewhere right? Out of nowhere a
bike zooms past me and startles me! What a relief, I thought I was the only person on the

I only just noticed how the roads lack cars but there are birds instead. Seagulls, crows and
pigeons swooping down onto the road.

At last I made it to the shop! Hold on, where is my face mask? Don't tell me I left it at home
again! I peered inside the shop window and saw all the shelves were empty. Nevermind, at
least I had a interesting walk today.

'Tough times' by Isla (11-14)

Times are tough right now,
Can’t do this can’t do that,
It’s not very fun right now.

It started after Christmas,
Festivity was running low,
Then came the news that schools were closed,
Stay at home just one walk a day,
Worries and thoughts were swirling in my head,
Working at home every day was hard.

Times were tough then,
Couldn’t do this couldn’t do that,
It was not very fun then.

But now I look back and realise it was not so bad,
All the things we did on our walks,
The memories that we made can never be replaced.

I sit back and relax,
I dance,
I sing,
I act,
These were the things that kept me happy,
When everyone was unhappy.

Times are tough right now,
Times were tough then,
Can’t do this can’t do that,
Couldn’t do this couldn’t do that,

It’s not very fun right now.
It was not very fun then,
But now I look back,
I realise how lucky I am.

My 2020 by Sophie (11-14)

'The pain of 2020' by Jamie (14-16)

2020 has gone down the drain
2020 we all pray
Because of the pain
That 2020 has played

Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter
What's going to happen next
Forest fires hit the world

Because of the climate
What in the world
Corona has hit

People have no clue
Until it's too late
People are getting anxious
People are stocking up

Powers are being made
Lockdowns officially starting
People are dying
But think of the good times
Clapping for carers and NHS

The climate and the planet
The seas are clearer
The air is fresher
Birds are tweeting
More peace on earth

Deforestation slowing down
Less innocent trees
More time at home with families

George Floyd has been hit
People start protesting
For rights and freedom
For peace against race
We are all scared

But think for a minute
And think of the actions
You do before making an impact
To this world
Or you will be sorry!!

'Was it all bad?' by Thalia (11-14)

At the beginning of 2020, I had lots of luck!
Then Covid came around and made our lives suck!
I couldn’t go up to my house in Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
It stole my holiday, and I didn’t feel fine,

But was it bad?
I know it was sad.
It made me feel mad,
That home was the only normal thing that I had.

I did lots of cooking and baking,
Reading and writing and story-making.
Of course the government have out new rules,
And also closed all the primary schools,

I know it was a weird experience we had,
But was it all that bad?

We got to finish primary school,
Which was quite cool,
We had 2 weeks to say “goodbye!”
I felt so happy, I was about to cry.

Zooming away, the holidays hurried,
Moving to secondary school, I felt quite worried,
Getting stuff for secondary school was really fun,
Although it was quite stuffy in the heat of the boiling sun!

I really, really missed swimming
I felt that my world was slowly dimming,
I masked my face,
Walked at a steady pace,

Quite a lot of the holidays, well most,
I spent listening to my sister boast,
We watched tv and one day I sighed,
Looking at my secondary school letter that I eyed.

I missed the things that before we had,
But was lockdown all bad?

Soon it will be Christmas, but will it be the same?
Now that Covid-19’s the next star, walking in fame,
We’ve had downs,
We’ve even had a few frowns,
Stay safe, stay at home,
For our own house is our safety dome,

So spread your smile, as it matters the most,
Comment or like that lovely post,
Lockdown’s happy,
Lockdown’s sad,
But we won’t be left with what we had,
We’ll make memories for us to share,
When things are back to being normal and fair!

'Worry, worry, worry' by Poppy (7-11)

This is my poem about anxiety. I have Autism and get very anxious a lot, so thought I would write a poem about it.

George Floyd by Amelie (7-11)

I was so shocked by what happened to George Floyd I was inspired to draw this.

'My life in 2020' by Evie (14-16)

I was split from my friends and family
I had a point when I worried about mum and nanny
Home life was going wellish when I got time with my mummy

But then it went bad my sis and daddy argue a lot
I wasn’t doing my work properly, hard as well as easy
But now it’s different but not normal properly

But still I can’t wait for the day they say no mask and you can be with more people and family

I felt anxious and scared when it went n to chaos
No fave foods or toilet paper on the shelf
No swimming and not loads money.

My 2020 by Eliza (11-14)

No school, staying home, we thought it would be fun,

But staying home for three months, I know we are all done.

And as soon as we take one step out of the door,

Police brutality hits and black people are pushed to the floor.

People are being hurt because of the colour of their skin,

And all their hopes and dreams are dropped in the bin.

Hundreds of trees are burning down,

Protests and notes are in the town,

And we will never forget the name George Floyd,

Because of the colour of their skin his life was destroyed,

Covid-19 us warming like bees in a hive,


​'My memories of lockdown' by Freya (11-14)

My memories of lockdown. Wow! How the time has flown by just like a firefly.

You are feeling bored, feeling blue and then just think again.

Lovely walks in the woods, super sunny fun in your garden.

Ohh and don’t forget the most important thing, spending time with your family all day.

Clock ticking through the thoughtful day and don’t forget the other awful things happening in our world today.

Kangaroos burning in the Australian fires, so many animals homes burned down to the ground.

Don’t forget about black lives matter and so do ours.

Ohh and who could forget about climate change.

Wow what a year it has been, what a year to remember but remember the good times we shared together. Why couldn’t the memories last forever?

Now close your eyes and remember the good times and the bad, think to yourself and respect yourself.

My 2020 by Will (11-14)

​'Time flies by' by Tyler (11-14)

Time flies by, watching the birds fly

As time goes to waste, we’re in lockdown

Feeling down what are we going to do now?

A few months later up and better

As lockdown eases more months later

We’re feeling much better because lockdown is nearly over

We get to play outside

Seeing our friends once again and back to school we go

Seeing new people is a delight and getting new friends is a privilege.

​ 'Names' by Harrison (14-16)

My name is “don’t believe it”. Just let the forests die.

My name is “can’t believe it”. Who cares about holes in the sky?

My name is “all of a dither”. There’s nothing I can do if the ice caps are wearing thin.

My name is “sit on the fence”. Say goodbye to wildlife.

And all of these people with these names who say “don’t do anything”.

Well my name is a warning from future years.


My 2020 by Jonny (14-16)

My 2020 has been good because I have been back to my footy training on Saturdays. I have enjoyed playing sports again because I have missed playing football on Saturdays.

I have enjoyed being at school again, seeing friends and just getting back into routines again. Some things have been affected by coronavirus because my footy was paused because of Covid -19; my cricket hasn’t started yet because of Covid and some other bad things have been that I can’t see my friends near home because of covid and the rule of 6 people meeting up with each other.

I can't be with people on their birthdays because of Covid 19 too, which is bad for me because last year without covid I was allowed to party’s. This year I have missed out on 4 birthday parties. One more good thing is that the premier league is back again and I can now watch Southampton FC again every weekend. In school we have started a premier league fantasy league. Football on tv is weird because of fake crowds on a big screen without actual crowd noise, because fans are not allowed to grounds until next year now because of Covid. The premier league fake crowds put players off. The premier league supporters help the black lives matter project by the players taking the knee each match. The corona virus has really changed people's lives so much.

'Life in Lockdown' by Poppy (7-11)

Corona virus what a horrible sound,
I just hope it settles down!

The shops are empty, so schools and the streets,
Social distancing means that nobody can meet.

My Mummy was desperate for flour
There was less and less hour by hour.
Is my sister going to get her birthday cake?
Without any flour, how can we bake?

When we go out for our daily exercise people smile at each other instead of frown,
And as we walk, run, scoot or bike, there are rainbows all around!

Everybody bangs, claps and shouts hip hip hooray,
For the awesome key workers and NHS heroes,
Every single Thursday.

But, what about our planet?
Less cars and more walking means less pollution,
The planet is happier and so is the ocean.

So let’s sort out the environmental mess,
Let’s not get everything back to normal,
Let’s work together and try our very best.

So be kind, stay safe and control the virus,
But don’t forget to look out for the planet,
Who gives so much to us.

'Lockdown' by Oscar (11-14)

'COVID-19' by Dionne (18+)

C hanges galore, nothing the same
O penness to new ideas and ways of being
V ariety restricted, a new appreciation for what we do have
I nventive ways to communicate and get things done, our brains expanded
D istancing is the ‘new normal’ but doesn’t stop us being closely connected
1 world impacted by the same thing, at the same time
9 months of 2020 dominated by one virus.

'Lies make the world go round' by Laurie (14-16)

This was a descriptive piece I wrote (not from true experience!) but written to reflect the experience of being in lockdown and coming up with crazy ideas due to sheer boredom! I wrote it in a workshop as a warm-up activity and liked it, so I developed the piece further. 

Lies make the world go round. Well - at least, that was the wisdom inflicted on me.

My life was a mesh of interwoven lies, and by the time I had endured three months of lockdown I doubted that even my own name was true. Of course, now, with my mum in prison and my dad in hell, I understand why they lied. I would’ve done too, in their position.

I remember one isolated night exploring our house - they were out, only god knows where. I found five secret rooms. No, I’m not joking. You must think that they weren’t very hidden if I was able to find them, but you don’t understand. During lockdown, I became quite the detective. Any minuscule crack, chipped paint, fraying carpet…

The first one I found was pretty simple; a swinging bookcase that led into a large chamber. The second was actually in my bedroom: the audacity! I had noticed scratching from the ceiling and realised there must have been a cavity. I felt like a true investigator, lifting away the light fitting and seeing the pull-down ladder to a concealed attic.

Then there was the one in the guest room - there was a huge floor to ceiling wardrobe in one of our guestrooms which was filled with spare clothes. Pushing back the swathe of dresses and dinner jackets a little crawl hatch could be seen, leading to a little annexe.

The fourth was in the garden; a basement in the pool house that disguised a multitude of books - a secret library. I watched my spidery hands as I pushed open the door, terrified of what I might find but of course delighted at the same time. How clever I was!

Then the fifth - hidden in plain sight in the living room. I remember the sweet joy that an archaeologist must feel when he discovers his first tomb as I lifted the flap of carpet. I remember assaulting the trapdoor, tugging as if my hand was stuck, heaving until I spotted the tiny brass lock, dusty with cobwebs. I found the key in a drawer, but it was in that moment that I realised the sheer extent of their web of lies.

Lockdown collage by Harriet (11-14)

A collage of some of the stuff I did over lockdown. These are just the gaming things but I did all of them with my friends and it was a great way to stay in touch with them over lockdown

Black Lives Matter by Flynn (11-14)

A good man,

Killed for no reason,

A caring man,

A cool person to be with.

A horrible man,

He killed George Floyd,

He killed for nothing,

He killed him because he thought he was bad.

'The World is Waking Up' by Catherine (14-16)

'Stormy Skies, Hopeful Eyes' by Aahana (11-14)

Through this mysterious storm,
The wind carrying bundles of frustration,
You and I will transform,
With not one bit of hesitation.

The clouds are getting darker,
We open the window to let in new opportunities,
Whether you use calculators or markers,
And smile to the community.

Each moment you spend,
Gazing as the darkness descends,
Your eyes and heart fill with sorrow,
Looking desperately for a good tomorrow.

But you don’t realize,
If you turn your head to the light,
The clouds will tear apart,
Giving you a clear path.

That little lightning strike,
Lighting up your mind,
Don’t storm away,
Not tomorrow- today.

Every time you feel drawn to the clouds,
The clouds that block your every path,
Turn around to the light you found,
Hidden deep inside the earth.

Despite the storms and rain we face,
We must remember,
Solutions not problems,
Light not dark.

Togetherness through the ways available,
Never discourage, be motivational,
We all matter and have that inner hope,
This is our home.

We are one,
We are united,
It is up to us,
To keep this world and light it.

'Break Us Apart' by Jasmine (11-14)

'Everything happens for a reason' by Ecarg (11-14)

'Being happy' by Anna (7-11)

My 2020 by Laura (excerpt) (18+)

Day 11: Thursday 26 March
Tonight at 8pm we clapped for our carers for the first time with the neighbours on the small street in Castlefields.  People were particularly enthusiastic and the neighbour opposite brought out an old school bell and started clanging that.  Some of the neighbours further down were banging drums and when cars went past, they were clapping too.  Mum would always have a little chat with Chris and Ursula, her 2 immediate neighbours, after our hands ached from clapping so much.  I would storm into the house when it was over to see what was going on on TV.  I commented to Mum that it was like a little community.  We did it every week after that until the end of May and Chris had commented to Mum that she had missed the interaction when it finished.

Day 128: Monday 20 July
Today we decided to take a trip to Colwyn Bay in Wales.  Some of the restrictions were easing by this point and it was possible to travel to Wales as long as you wore a mask.  We travelled there and got there by lunchtime.  I was hungry so we decided to try and find a fish and chip shop – not easy in Wales on a Monday as everything is closed.  After finding the restaurants closed, we gave up and I had a KFC and Mum had a Subway.  On the way back, we passed a fish and chip shop!  I was so annoyed!  Then we went to the coast, where you could see wind turbines in the distance.  I had a paddle in the sea, after rolling up my jeans.  Mum sat down and waited.  I was so excited to be near water finally in the stifling heat!  I had sandy feet afterwards. 

Day 131: Thursday 23 July
Finally it was time for me to come back to Birmingham.  The staff had called and said if my bed wasn’t filled soon someone else would take it.  So we begrudging agreed it was time for me to head back.  I was sad to leave my Mum and the cats (or the girls, as we like to call them.)  But it was time, restrictions were lifting and it was simply time to head back.  Jill arranged for me to be picked up by Paul and so after packing everything away, he arrived and I headed back to Birmingham.  The journey didn’t seem to take that long which was good.  Mum had taken me food shopping at Morrisons before I was picked up to pick up some food for when I came back because I had to isolate for 2 days.

Day 199: Tuesday 29 September
They’re talking about further restrictions again now.  You’re only allowed to meet up to 5 people outside your household, they’re advising people to work from home again.  This time I’m in Birmingham and I’m worried it will affect my birthday plans in October – a meal at Marco Pierre White’s with family and friends. Time will tell…

A letter to racism by Amelia (11-14)

My 2020 by Charles (11-14)

This year I have had a good time in lockdown with my family.

I have been doing fun stuff at home with my family and going out.

I enjoy fishing with my family.

I have been playing games with my family and we have watched films.

I have been to the Toby carvery with my Dad, Mum and my brother James.

We have been going out to shops. I have got films from the shops to watch with my family, full of funny and good parts.

I have enjoyed playing games and being with my family.

My 2020 by Nathan (11-14)

The world is getting weak,
Germs are beginning to leak.

Down and down comes lock down,
Up and up the cases rise.

The blue skies begin to fade,
The grey clouds begin to stay.

While we stay indoors, nature returns to play,
Out, out we come to play but soon will have to stay.

The death of George Floyd, black lives matter,
All skin colours matter.

Death everywhere,
Protests and protests all over.

Big cities, nature is healing,
2020 is yet to be done.