Beyond Words anthology

A collection of outstanding entries from children and young people

Beyond Words anthology

We're excited to publish the Beyond Words anthology featuring exceptional creative work from children and young people whose writing captures their experience of living through a year like no other. 

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'Ada - The Lockdown Hero' by (Sarah 5-7)

One bright sunny warm midday when Mummy and Daddy where both on calls, Ada and I crept out into the garden without permission.  There was a gentle breeze blowing through the dainty old trees and two tomatoes were ripe red.  The beautiful bright sun was shining as if a low fire was burning above us.  Ada and I started racing around the lovely garden floor but when Ada had nearly caught me, I fell on the ground and grazed my wrinkly knee!! 

“Waa, waa, waa” – I cried and Ada howled with me.  After getting my sore knee a paw patrol plaster, Ada began wondering around the garden and found a delicious spider as hairy as a gorilla.  She popped it in her mouth and munched it up!!! I tried not to laugh, biting my cheeks and closing my lips together with my hands.  It sounded like someone doing a raspberry!  Twenty nine minutes later, my watercan that was filled with icky mud, sludgy fungus and slippery moss was filled right up with water to the yellow brim.  Without noticing, I forgot to turn off the tap, Ada stealthily prowled to the water can and messily lapped up a quarter of water.  Luckily, my knee got better in two weeks but the spider was pooed out in a pile in the middle of the garden, with a plop and a splat. I constantly giggle like a kazoo, each time I remember Ada’s spider poo. 

Like me, she hasn’t always felt people understand her during lockdown but she speaks a nonsense language for humans but God and I understand.  People can feel misunderstood when they are from a different country and speak a different language and come to a new country.  In lockdown, I felt like I was locked up in a new boring world and I could not escape my boring black house.   Ada helped me feel free and unlocked by cuddling me and licking my cheeks. I whined a lot and Ada helped me be a bit more grateful and didn’t complain as much as me. On her Birthday, I translated that Ada said “A wow cake!” to Daddy and Mummy and “I scared of sparklers.” She did not moan that she was not with her pack or that we did not go for a walk to the duck pond.

Since the beginning of lockdown, Ada had been trying to walk on just two legs and she practiced every day but kept falling down and never gave up.  During lockdown I was covered in paint and washed lots of dirty brushes.  I felt hot and angry because my paintings were ruined. Ada inspired me persevere, to discover a hidden talent.  The dust in the house reminded me of deserts in Mexico and Frida Kalo. The smell of pollen of Georgia O’Keefe, the sound of metal of Andy Warhol and our fridge of Basquiat.

Well the secret is that Ada is just a one year old baby but she can’t pronounce her name Esther.  She is my sister and she is my lockdown hero.

‘What I didn’t take to be a Pandemic’ by Charles (14-16)

I remember the year 2020 distinctly, the first year of Covid-19:
What I had taken to be a trivial news story, turned out to be a global pandemic.
What I had taken to be a welcome break from school, turned out to be six months of confusion.
What I had taken to be time with my parents, turned out to be a fluster of economic distress.
What I confidently had taken to be a cold, was actually the virus, or so the testing kit indicated.
What I had taken to be impossible, was not; it murdered my great-grandmother.
What I had taken to be her corpse, laying furiously on her deathbed, was truly her unoccupied corpse.
“Of all the ways to die,” I had imagined her muttering facetiously.
What I had taken to be an emergence from ‘lockdown’ at last, turned out to be a mismatch of restrictions.
What I had taken to be a reunion, turned out to be a gathering of hidden smile and fearful behaviours.
And finally, although I had once considered it worthless, poetry proved to be rather worthwhile.
Without it, how would I be able to communicate this. I am dead now.
Just know that the year 2020 was probably worse than now…

My 2020 by Shenna (14-16)

My 2020 by Molly (14-16) - excerpt

“I’m so proud of you son, for all that you have accomplished and even if I’m not here in the flesh, I will always be by your side. I will always be your dad and you will always be my son. Nothing can take that away from us.”

My eyes flooded with tears but I held them back as much as I could. I took his hand and we sat in a comfortable silence, appreciating each other’s presence.

Throughout Lockdown, we watched dad get progressively worse and deteriorate. He grew much weaker and was unable to go on our family walks, even though we knew he wanted to, he began to feel demonised. His nurses were in and out constantly, checking up on him constantly, checking up on him and giving him his medication.

We decided to throw an early Christmas to spend with dad. We wanted our last Christmas together, we stuffed our faces with turkey and ham, we belted out Mariah Carey Christmas songs and we even put our tree up in may. Our neighbours must of thought we had lost the plot, but it was worth it all. We got our Christmas with dad and got to make the memories that we will have forever. 

As lockdown restrictions began to ease and we were allowed to meet people outside, it was dad’s birthday. We knew it would be his last so we wanted to make it spectacular for him. We had out whole street put banners up and we got everyone out singing and celebrating, social distancing of course. All the family took turns for coming over. Dad was so shocked and had a permanent grin from ear to ear. It was so nice for him to see he is loved. At 8 O’Clock we stopped partying to clap for the key workers, to thank them for their service. We all felt so grateful to be part of such a great community and I was even more grateful to experience this with my dad.

As my dad entered his last days of life, I did not leave his bedside, I squeezed his hand so tightly, it lost feeling. Although he couldn’t say much, I was just making the most of him being their, he didn’t need to speak. However, on the evening I asked him was he scared and he replied,

“No because I get to be with my dad again and I will continue to be look out for you from afar and I will always be on your shoulder.”

Hours went by and I watched my dad slipped away before my eyes, his hand still clasped in mine. The feeling of loss was indescribable, my heart was shattered but yet so full to know his love for me.

Diwali by Reeya (7-11)

'Wars' by Sriya (7-11)

We are in war with a cunning, clever opponent

let’s fight for earth and the innocent environment

don’t blame others we are all sinners

but we won’t stop until we’re crowned winners

can’t wait to see the monster go

and what’s the prize a ribbon or bow

of course not, the prize is nature what more?

There is a drastic change from now and before

deserts and countries are now becoming arid

and as days go by, the affect is more rapid

let’s stop before animals become closer to extinction

let’s not just improve, lets pass with distinction

it’s nearly the end so don’t just stand there

it is causing a pollution nightmare

luckily, coronavirus has slowed it down

is this God’s last warning before islands drown?

'Our 2020' by Aoife (14-16) - excerpt

“Roísín has corona virus.” It felt like someone had punched me hard in the stomach, right where it would hurt the most. It seemed insignificant, as she was young, and young people never die from corona virus, everyone knew that. But Roísín was vulnerable. She had heart disease, meaning that if she got corona virus she would be at risk of dying. I was struggling to breathe; I didn’t know what to do. She was the light in the dark tunnel that was my life; I couldn’t go on if that light faded away.

I was unable to concentrate at all for the rest of the day. Every voice I heard was just an irritating buzz in my ears that I willed to go away. I watched the clock like a hawk, watching the seconds tick by so irritatingly slow, and I longed for the bell to signal for home time, longed to be on the bus, travelling to Roísín’s house as I had to see her. I knew I would have to stay at least two meters away

from her, and I wouldn’t even dream of coming into her house in case I passed on more infections to her. I wouldn’t forgive myself, ever, if I hurt her.

And there was the bell. I jumped up and was off like a shot. Putting on my mask, I joined the sea of pupils and got onto the bus. Thirty minutes away. Twenty minutes. Fifteen. Ten. Five.
And now I’m here. I run to her back garden and grab a pebble. I throw it up at her bedroom window, hearing the slight ‘clink’ of the rock hitting glass. I can feel my heart beat fast, feel it leap in my throat. And then I see her. She gives me a confused look, but not before she gives me a flash of her dazzling smile. I take the crumpled piece of paper out of my pocket and hold it up. Then I make sure she sees me open her shed and, hands trembling slightly, I place it inside the basket of a bicycle. I look at her bemused look and smile. “Read it.” I mime. “I will” she mouths.

I can’t believe I just did that. I told her. I told her how I feel about her, and I have possibly ruined our friendship forever. But I can’t say I regret it. I feel free. I don’t feel as though I am carrying a huge burden of fright and despair anymore. And a little part of me hopes against hope that she feels the same way. But another part, a bigger part, tells me not be so ridiculous. But I can’t help it.

My 2020 by Matias (11-14)

'The Little Things' by Ava (14-16)

It’s the little things I’ll miss this year,
Singing carols around the fire pit spreading the Christmas cheer,

It’s the little things I’ll miss his month,
Going out with my friends, enjoying some scrumptious lunch,

It’s the little things I missed in lockdown,
Not going to school, really made me frown,
And staying inside all the time
Messed with my mental health; it really crossed the line,

I was so mellow, I could only ever be described as the colour blue,
But now I’m much more of a yellow.

I’m back at school with all my fellow,

It’s the little things I’ll miss for a while,
Like sitting in my school's library surrounded by a big pile,
Of books,

But there's little things I’ll never miss,
Well there's really long list,
So let me shorten it down for you,
My mask breaking so always bringing out two,
And getting this uncontrollable bouts of shakes,
And having to just stop and take,
A breath,
And always having my room a right mess,

Because I’m always in there, never out,
But that’s what lockdowns all about,

Staying indoors, face covered,
All coughs need to be smothered,
Cause I don’t know about you,
But I want to get back to normal and you should too.

'2020 flooded with fear' by Elsie (14-16)

Oh 2020 what a year,
People internationally have been flooded with fear.
Racism, fires, crimes, and pandemics,
Trapped in a world they can’t fix.
Education over a zoom call,
While pupils’ grades fall.

The world taken over by careless beast,
Who thinks innocent people are its feast.
The name of the beast is COVID-19,
The public do their best to keep everything clean.
COVID-19 has locked us away,
People’s mental health is will slowly decay.

Families lonely and isolated,
With nothing to do they remain frustrated.
When the word is said,
The virus will still spread.
It smells rancid and tastes sour,
Yet it has so much power.

You feel mask on mouth and gel in hand,
Watch TV and wait for the Governments command.
Worried, anxious, and shocked,
Our normal routine rocked.
In your body, in your lung,
People die, so young.

But WAIT! It’s not all bad,
Some people are happy and not sad.
A portion of the public have done things great,
Knitting, exercise, and lost weight.
This year has helped many folk,
But also made families broke.

Let’s celebrate this year for all we’ve been through,
Put on the kettle and have a brew.
Please help one another, they may feel down,
Make them feel royal, give them a crown.

My 2020 by Elsie (14-16)

My painting shows a young person surround by darkness (representing fear + isolation ) and has devil like creatures with horns in their lungs which are meant to be like Corona virus and the frustrated and sad creatures in the brain which are in so much pain they don’t know what to do. From the outside everything seems so fine but nobody knows what’s going on inside.

My 2020 by Madison (11-14)

Covid-19, that’s on the news,
Everyone's worrying, this is all so new.
Lines go for miles outside stores
All shops close no open doors.

Cases go up higher each day,
The whole world is in dismay
No one outside, the streets are bare
People paint rainbows to show how much they care.

Spending time with the people we love
The world running out of facemasks and gloves
Still stuck inside
Some people hate it, but they still abide

Black lives matter fills the streets
Protests start when people meet
A spark has been fanned to a flame
People around the world shout their names

Joining zoom has become a routine
Thanks to this virus, Covid- nineteen
Online school is all there is now
Finally, we can go outside, the government allow

Out lockdown can see friends
Not at home building dens
In September back to school
Gyms were open so were pools.

'Rights of a human' by Mary (11-14)

My 2020 by Adela (11-14)

2020 didn’t start so well,
People thought it was the end but no one could tell,
A mean virus was on its way,
And we would be stuck home until the end of May.

Less and less people on the street,
Few week later, no one could meet.
BREAKING NEWS! You couldn’t go out,
People were scared, all full of doubt.

School closed, learning how to use Teams,
Social media already full of lockdown memes.
No more assemblies in busy rooms,
Now only assemblies in quiet zooms.

And it wasn’t until the 1st of June,
When Year 6 could go back to school,
Social distancing, we kept two metres away,
Always. Non-stop. Day after day.

And at last it was summer!
I went on holiday, nothing funner!
But I had to quarantine for 14 days,
Back to bored at home, back to online phase.

September came, back to school,
‘Back to normal,’ I thought. I was such a fool.
But sadly COVID-19 didn’t want to go,
How much until it goes? That, I don’t know.

“Masks in the corridors!” my teachers said,
Covering nose to mouth, this I do dread.
Still I sit in my seat everyday,
Wondering, how this virus made everything go grey.

People’s confidence shattered, hope gone away,
To bring back smiles I wish and I pray,
So we can make this virus leave, and live in glory,
And then we can close the book of this menacing and long story.

'Dear diary' by Lola (11-14) - excerpt

23rd March 2020 – a dairy entry by me (first-hand experience).

Dear Diary,
School was closed today due to COVID 19, and my sister – Lucy – and I were being ‘home-schooled’ by our mum for the first time ever. She was eager to be our ‘home-school teacher’ as she misses being a schoolteacher. I hope that this stupid virus ends soon – it feels like it is taking over the world. 

As I can't go to school, I haven't seen my friends for a while and I am starting to miss them, I am also starting to miss Mrs Wood – my awesome, wonderful and caring teacher. It is very strange asking mum for help instead of Mrs Wood – I don’t know how long I can cope without her. Anyway, after I’d woken up, and did my usual morning routine, I felt a bit bored, if it were a normal school day, I would be packing my bag, but it wasn’t. So, I decided to go downstairs to find my ‘home-book’ so that I could decorate the inside and outside, but when I opened it, I found some S.P.a.G (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar) work - I decided to do it to pass time. When mum had finished getting everything ready for our first day at ‘home-school’, I headed downstairs. 

As I’d finished all of my S.P.a.G work, I went straight onto my Maths - I did multiplying fractions, I got 15/16, due to silly mistakes, I didn’t get full marks. Once I finished my Math work, I moved onto Paragraph 7 of Snowvale Ski Resort’s Brochure. I first wrote it down onto a scrap piece of paper, edited it, and typed it up onto a new ‘word document’, before typing up the final piece onto the total brochure (on our spare computer). We then had a 40-minute break, we had 4 party-rings each, and a scoot around. When we went back inside, I added a few sentences to my Snowvale work, and then I had lunch. 

After we’d finished our lunch, mum suggested taking a stroll down the CO-OP to begin the ‘hunt for milk’ - nowadays, everyone’s panic-buying milk, and it's really hard to come across. We got out our scooters and scooted to the CO-OP - we had to be weary of other people due to coronavirus. Once we arrived, mum told us to keep at least 1 metre away from everyone and anyone. Thankfully, mum found 2 jugs of milk, some yogurts, and 2 chicken breasts. By the time we scooted back home, it was already 20 to 3! Fortunately, my artwork was only a quick task of describing 3 pieces of art. After I had finished, I realised that that I had completed all my work for today! I decided to write this diary entry to pass some time.

I have just found out that the dentists have closed, and that means my appointment is cancelled! Yay!

I need to go now because I must email my teacher (Mrs Wood) to let her know that I have done my ‘home-school - learning’ for today, I will write tomorrow.


P.S: I forgot to mention that my neighbours Trevor and Sue cannot leave their house as Sue is ill, so we needed to give them one of our milk jugs.

My 2020 by Madison (11-14)

My 2020 by Mia (11-14)

My 2020 is a vision board
Is beyond perfect vision
A seer into a future of hope
A cure, a vaccine, a life of promise and beauty
A vision board with all the failing qualities of human beings,
Mashed, blended in a face mask,
Trapped in a time capsule,
Buried, nested into the ground
Next to the tombstones of racism and ignorance.

My 2020 is a vision board
Is beyond perfect vision
A seer of a positive future
Of the world captured in nurturing hands
Healing, learning, renovating
My 2020 is now, tomorrow and beyond
My 2020 is our 2020

Washing my Hands of 2020 by Mariella (16-18)

These hands have nursed herbs on windowsills, whilst my aunt has nursed the sick
These hands have written sentimental cards and letters
These hands have lifted weights
These hands have baked
These hands have cut my father’s hair

These hands have not felt my grandma’s hands for too long
And have stroked a dog but not a person
These hands have sprayed and wiped and cleaned
And avoided doorknobs and rails like the plague
These hands have looked up the daily numbers
And shaken with fear
These hands have not touched my face
And are split and stinging
These hands have stayed in their pockets and tried not to touch anything
And felt rude when they were not allowed to shake
These hands have cut but not shared birthday cakes on Zoom
And cradled cups of tea
These hands have turned the pages of books
But not read them

These hands have never been this clean.

My 2020 by Lourdes (11-14)

Black lives matter
Global warming
No Olympics
Trump/Biden election
Confusion ! 

The year began with promise,
French trip, Year 6 play, Leavers dinner.
The News was filled with Covid
And life stood still.
Stay at home! wash your hands! Stay apart!
Worry and fear filled every heart.

The sun shone in the summer.
We saw friends and family again.
New schools, bubbles, face masks-
A different kind of life.
Hope is around the corner.
A vaccine, Christmas, equality,
Awareness of our environment.
2021- a better year?

My 2020 by Darcey (7-11)

My 2020 by Alice (14-16)

Happy new year I shouted,
On January 1st,
If only I had known,
It was going to get worse

Global pandemic
Trapped away
Not seeing my family
My anxiety astray

Its like I am trapped in a box
Which is locked in a house
There is nothing around me
Not even a mouse

The walls are dripping
Damp and cold
The pouring rain
Leaking through the mold

I feel all alone
With no support or care
Is that a footstep I hear
There is no one there

My feelings taste like nothing
Bland and dull
I am never hungry
I am always full

I lose my loved ones
To something I can’t control
Heart attacks, cancer
Why did they have to go?

We plan the funeral
Only thirty come in
We go to sleep in the night
And we start again

Life goes on
And so do I
I get through my days
Or at least I try

But I am still trapped in my box
Which is locked in the house
And there is still nothing around me
Not even a mouse

Life is overwhelming
That is no lie
It goes up and down
We laugh, we cry

But my feelings feel
Like a train on the track
Only going forward
And never looking back.

'There is always light' by Tayabah (14-16)

'Youth of 2020' by Maryam (18+)

Many young people are struggling with the uncertainty of 2020. Lockdown has seen schools be closed for months on end, free school meals contested by the government and a lack of structure to day to day life. It must be so difficult, so this is a poem to celebrate their resilience and appreciate how special they truly are.

sweet sunshine
you rise from

the slumber of dark days,

you hide to seek horizons
playing hopscotch

above high skies
hiking to hills,

you are hyperactive
bumbling energy
unfurls your attention
to set the scene
and climb frames
you cut away the blood
that pours puddles into
muddy shoes,
wet from
walking along
splattered cars
driving by

you are backs turned
facing a whole world of
pain and suffering,

this year
hardens with ease,
has come to mean
working hard is going
easy on yourself 

you are patient
during durations of
bordered homes, locked
doors, severe isolation
you radiate light
bursting from early mornings
loud laughs and screams
toned down ambition, 

you bring lessons to teachers
free from fear of being wrong

it’s okay to retake, retry and
relax your mind, 

these times are testing
it’s perfectly fine to
be messy, to
be tempted
to not know the
answers to every

let these months
never sever the young years
you have,
be the child
you always dreamed of being
never let circumstance force
you into adulthood prematurely 

sweet sunshine

weathers the storms,

circles the moon,
radiates the roots of Earth,

we are in need of
seeking you

'Chess' by Prema (11-14)

Chess is the world most beautiful game,
A game of strategy when you must go within the opponent's terrain.

A game where the Queen is free to rule,
without being inferior to the king that has to run away too.

A game that shows how the rich rely on the poor,
and shows how the upper class are favoured by all the laws.

A game where black and white stand hand in hand,
placed next to each other on the checkerboard as each team's land.

A game where any sexual identity can rise to power,
leaving those without tolerance to fall and cower.

A game where white privilege does not help at all,
for a few minutes the players are colour blind to sociality fatal flaw.

A game where any language is free to speak,
with the word 'checkmate' being the opponent's defeat.

I wish one day the world can sit down and play this game,
for a few twenty minutes the world wouldn’t have anyone to blame.

The year 2020 has left us all in destress,
So I think we should all sit down together hand in hand and play a game of chess.

My 2020 by Kimberley (11-14)

'Lost then found' by Emma (11-14)

A thick large forest
I am lost
A long winding river
Will it ever end

The dead of the night
Scary and horrifying
A rainy storm
Ever so miserable

When I forget my homework
A dreaded feeling in my stomach
A scar on my body
It might never go away

My Christmas
Full of surprises
When I eat my mum’s chocolate cake
The best feeling ever

With my family
I feel safe
The sun warming my face
So comforting

A footprint on the ground
A reassuring sign
Masks on faces
Our saviour yet

My 2020 heroes
I lost my way
But then I found it again

'All things 2020' by Sophie (11-14)

My 2020 by Bo (11-14)

Why is the world so still, so silent, so broken? It was like a bomb quick, sudden and scary; it was unknown and new to all mankind and picked its victims 1 by 1 until satisfied. This is not a fairytale creature you read about in a children’s book, this is real ‘this thing’ is Covid-19. The population are craving for information from those with mass knowledge but its like they are filling our heard with empty words and lies, like a dog chasing its tale just endless circles of hope and disappointment. 

Covid-19 hasn’t been a smooth car journey it has been like a bumpy Rollercoaster which no-one queued up for. The constant fear and worry like no other in our heads for those around us and the ones we care and love for is immense, as the disease can come down to life and death. My hands became sweaty and started to shake as I listens to the words of the government speak as I pray that today will be the day it will be over, but we were soon told it was only the beginning. Each day, week, and month felt like eternity like everything was just getting worse as I could hear the mumbles of Boris Johnson from my bedroom talking about the increase in deaths and cases each day, and the silence from the streets, as many people were at home locked away like a prison cell. 

This is my 2020.

My 2020 by Ellie (11-14)

2020, a year like no other,
Not a day goes by without a loss of another.
From pandemics in march, And forest fires and January,
Protests in august, And covid in February.

The fires spread, they would never stop.
Homes in Australia forever gone.
A beautiful country was burnt down in pieces but just as it finished, new problems release.

Locked in a house with no where to go,
Winter to summer, a summer ago,
We wondered when it will all be over

6 months we waited…

But when we got out it was never the same,
Masks were worn and blacks were at shame!
George Floyd was murdered, Now please spread the word,
‘I can’t breathe’ was all that was heard.
And this was for what? The colour of his skin!
STOP! This thing is absurd!

You don’t judge an egg from the colour of its shell,
You don’t judge and book from the colour of its spine!
So what’s the difference with a human body. What matters is what’s on the inside.

2020, a year like no other,
I missed so much but others missed more.
A year full of sorrow, loss and regret,
But the one thing that kept us going was the people we love, the people I’ll never forget.

My lockdown by Lucy (11-14)

'Silence' by Orlaith (11-14)

This year I've heard a lot of silence
As we all went into lockdown
This year I've heard a lot of silence
Silence in London town

All I could see was silence
No cars on the street
No people running down to the park
It was so easy to get to sleep

All I could hear was silence
No bike bells ringing to people in the way
No shouting from mum to hurry up and get to school
Just the birds in the tree next door singing at the beginning of the day

All I could taste was silence
No hot school dinners at lunch
No snacks at break to share with friends
It was breakfast in the middle of the morning like a special brunch

All I could smell was silence
No fresh grass from the park everyday
No salty sea from the cancelled beach school trip
Just dad's tea with two sugars like he would always say

All I could feel was silence
No school exercise books
No smiles at the beginning and end of the school day
Just a sense of loneliness as I curled up in my favourite nook

But then the silence broke out
And we charged out of our homes
Ready to face the world again
No more talking to our garden gnomes

The raging fires in Australia
They seemed so far away
We scheduled plans with family and friends
But some restrictions had to stay

Masks, social distancing and some others
But it was just to keep us safe
And schools went back bit by bit
No more feelings of unsafe

And then we remember BLM
Black lives Matter to the end
Protests in honour of George Floyd
Everyone out there had a message to send

My 2020 has been perplexing
Discombobulating and confusing
But it has been like that for everyone
And doing it together has been fun.

'I CAN'T BREATHE' by Fatema (7-11)

We are all the same but different,
We are all together but apart,
We are all special in our own way,
Everyone is important,
Let's finish this today.

When I look at my pale skin,
I remember the racist people staring with a grin,
George Floyd died with innocence,
These people call themselves 'police',
Well look at the streets,
You still call yourself police?

My 2020 by Fathima (7-11)

I woke up early
My little brother jumping on my bed
I turn my laptop on
I don’t have a late homework reason.

It’s 9:45 am
And maths starts
Start off with an equation
Help! It’s a calculation invasion!

Maths over
15 minute break for English
10:30, my English teachers here
Check homework, there's that fear                                                                            

12:00 and English is over
The homework left to finish
Getting done took some time
Homework should be a crime

Lunch was good
I had a long day ahead
I’d planned to relax
I got to my bed fast

I went to sleep
Fast asleep
Got up and did research on greeks
Only got off when i was information deep

I got very bored in lockdown
Stuck in the house with no fun
I couldn’t see friends or other family
This was not a joyful 2020.

'All the small things we have' by Trishana (11-14)

'Flying free' by Libby (11-14)

This is it. This is my year…

I am watching, I want to watch forever. This night needs to be long, so long I won’t forget a single moment of it. I shan’t waste a single second.

Bright sparks of colour and light fly up into the air like powerful beams of hope. They dance into the air like little colour fairies greeting each other in the air as the humans watch in awe. There seems to be something so magical about tonight. Everyone is so happy and joyous. I hope this atmosphere stays around forever…

The clock counts down… 5…4…3…2…1! Goodbye 2019! Hello 2020! Everyone whoops and cheers and waves their arms about in the air! There is a young girl who is so excited, so much so that she claps and waves about! She has luscious long brown hair and a light pink butterfly hat that bares the name lily on it. What a nice name I thought to myself! In fact, she is so excited that she almost hits me with her flailing arms!

I decide to leave the humans to their celebrations and decide to perch in a shop window ledge. I can see myself! My majestic sky-blue wings stand tall, the twisting patterns on them glimmering in the moonlight! I can already sense that this year is going to be a good year!... I am flying. I’m not quite sure where to but all I know is that I’m free.

It is the 4th of January and I am flying across Australia when something catches my eye, I see sparks. However, they don’t seem to be the same kind that I saw on new years eve. They are not beautiful and full off hope and celebration. They seem to represent destruction and disaster. I hear shouting and screaming but not the same as New Year’s Eve. This is different. I have to get out of here, it’s not safe! I send my prayers to all of the people and their families and then I leave. I need to move on.

I am flying, flying once more. I am free yet again. Almost a month has passed but I cannot stop thinking of those poor people in Australia. Anyway, it’s time to stop looking back and live in the present, not the past…

It is currently the 8th June 2020 and I am flying over California and I see hundreds, thousands, probably even half a million people all stood together. There are so many people that it feels like New Year’s Eve all over again. But without the happiness and joy, it is more shouting and anger. They all seem to be chanting the same things. I find that I little strange until I see everyone holding signs saying ‘BLM’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’. I suddenly realise that this is what they have been talking about on the news. This year was meant to be everyone year to shine, so why should people be fighting for what should already be enforced. I look around and a tall man almost swats me out of the way with his sign. This I my queue to leave, I think. I take one last look and then I take to the skies once again.

This year can’t get any worse, can it?

The date is July and I am currently flying over London when something in someone’s house takes my interest. I look through the patterned window of the old woman’s house I see a man that I have seen before on the TV who I believe is called Boris Johnson. The headline under his face says ‘Coronavirus National Lockdown’. I had heard of this ‘Coronavirus’ thing but I never imagined that It could or would get so out of hand. I sit on the window ledge for a while longer to hear about the testing system and all of the graphs and then I head off. I feel so disheartened, this was supposed to be a great year and now look how much of a mess we are in!

As I am flying back over London to find shelter for the upcoming winter, I spot an open window with what sounds like a girl crying in it. She has long, luscious brown hair and a pink butterfly hat that spells Lily on it, I recognise her from somewhere but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Immediately, I head to the window and fly in. I see a girl with her head in her hands bawling her eyes out. I look at the piece of paper next to her, it is a letter. I read the first couple of sentences and I instantly know what I see. The letter is a note from the government saying that she has tested positive and contracted COVID-19. My heart sinks for her. To comfort her I gently land on her shoulder, I can’t quite tell but I think I spotted a tiny glimpse of a smile. At least I have given one person hope even if it only is one person!

This year might be difficult but all you need is a bit of hope!...

'How 2020 made me feel' by Keahna (11-14)

I drew a picture on how 2020 made me feel and how this year has affected me. Instead of doing positive things I would rather show the negative things and show people that they are not alone in how they feel.

​ '2020’s hidden feelings' by Isabell and Ella-Rose (11-14)

Covid generation, the year of failing,
Happiness is on a dead sea, slowly, sailing.
Drowning in a whirlpool full of terror,
Sinking in her guilt of horrible error.
She’s surrounded by even more pain and depression,
consumed by her very own doubt and aggression.

Australia looks like hell, like one big emotional flame,
It’s clearly global warmings fault, but people are shifting the blame.
Her remaining sanity is fading away,
struggling to want to live just another day.
She screams ‘‘No one pays any attention to me,
Maybe to people I’m just debris’’.

Symptoms, sickness, dying, death,
People going short of breath.
Maybe we will recover from this blood-thirsty virus,
But right now, there is nothing left to inspire us
Without corona even trying,
Millions of people are constantly dying.

Black lives matter screamed George Floyd,
his innocent intentions being destroyed.
she feels a huge wave of compressing anxiety,
So much shame from all of society.
She can no longer block out this dreadful fear,
She’s starting to feel insanely queer.

Although people are starting to feel some doubt,
I know by the end, we will all come out.
Those who are starting to hang up the rope,
Remember that there is always hope.
The sun will constantly be bright and shining,
and the people in the world will never stop smiling.

'My net of worries' by Bianca (11-14) - Excerpt

It was that bitter afternoon, when no sun shone and no radiant smile was beaming, making you feel warm and safe. No. We all felt full of grief and confusion, never knowing if we will see each other again. We could not hug. We could not touch. The rain plummeted down, and the car snaked its way down the road whilst our primary school was shrouded by the lonely lockdown mist.

Back home I sank down into the sofa, feeling hopeless. I felt like a puzzle, with half of the pieces lost, and never knowing if you'll see them or feel them again.

Then there's a room.
An empty, innocent room
The room thinks she knows everything
She thinks she knows what her future will be like - what it will feel like
She thinks she knows what it is like to go through bad times
She thinks she knows how to control her emotions
But really, she knows nothing

The room stays blank, and at times, it turns yellow
Yellow, the colour of hope and warmth
Those bicycle rides with her family
Those barbecues with her family
Those vibrant conversations with her family
Is what makes it yellow

The room does not realise, but there is a net growing inside her core.
At first, it is small
The months pass, and her walls switch from yellow to blue, to red
Until finally the net is so big that she cannot see, not to mention cherish, her emotions
She peers inside.

A wave washes over her, and that very net wraps it strings around her
She feels like she will never escape from its clutch
The room, who thought she was so big and great
Now does not feel powerful at all
What does she see?

'Everything the pandemic took away from us' by Amelia (11-14)

My drawing symbolizes the impacts of coronavirus and lockdown had on me, and the whole country. I chose to draw people in masks as my main topic: covid-19, to represent the dangers we faced. The faded restaurant, laptop, school and cinema represent everything this pandemic took away from us: our holiday, education and the things/people we love.

'A lost utopia' by Avni (14-16)

Etched into our skin,
Formulating scars,
Is an everlasting stigma
Attached to our kin.

It’s been integrated into our minds
Ever since our birth,
It continues to cut the rope
Which binds us to the shore.

The anguished cries of,
“I can’t breathe”
Haunt us to this day,
Darkening the core.

Deep-rooted in our system
Is fear, hate and ignorance,
Killing our humanity
And destroying our faith.

The glass heart of mankind
Is hardened by its wrath,
Never willing to love or trust,
It carves a path of irreversible self-destruction.

It clouds our minds,
And clogs our thoughts,
One look -
And a judgement is formed.

Yet, we strive for change,
A revolutionary spark
Of an eternal flame -
You feel it too.

We have evolved.
We are uplifted by stars of hope.
And we won’t stop,
Until we are a world of peace.

'2020 to me' by Louisa (11-14)

The Big Ben bells chimed, it was New Years Day, the start of 2020
Little did we know what lay ahead, lots of changes a plenty

Soon the hours turned into days, and days into weeks
Lockdown for us all, you must stay at home whilst the virus peaks

Schools were shut! parks, shops and McDonald’s were closed
Not just here in England, but around the whole globe

Plenty of special times with my family, I never usually get to see my Dad,
But he was able to stay at home for four months and we were all glad.

We did art, cooked food, went for walks in the park
Painted lots of rocks and on a Thursday evening we clapped.

For health workers, the hero’s who saved others lives through the pandemic
For shop workers and lorry drivers who kept us all fed

Black Lives Matter by Rona (11-14)

'The numbers of 2020' by Isabella (11-14)

This year washes away by a tidal wave,
The two representing two metres apart that seems to follow our every move,
The zero representing zero respect for some cultures that are part of our world,
The two representing two people allowed in your household,
The zero representing zero hope that roams the world around us,
The numbers of 2020.

The happiness that used to roam the air,
Has now left the head chair,
The virus that leapt out of its den,
No one knew about it then,
The people who fell ill,
The virus made everyone catch a chill,
The double- digit year fell out of place,
Prime ministers were on the case,
And then lockdown hit the road,
Masks left in the sea made climate change which overflowed,
The world was tipped upside down,
Not a smile was in place, only a frown.

But then 2021 brings hope,
The two representing a second chance in this year for some,
The zero bringing zero troubles that may come,
The two showing two hundred new ways of living freely,
The one representing one amazing year that lies after 2020,
A new year like a tide becoming bigger as it stretches out to shore!

My 2020 by Abriham (7-11)

2020. A very different year.
It shut down the world and killed a million,
Covid-19 had the world under its fingertips.
2020. A very different year.

People died of starvation,
Food banks overwhelmed,
Coronavirus had killed their businesses,
As everyone had to stay at home.

The economy jumped off a cliff,
The stock market had crashed ages ago,
Lockdown slightly eased,
The economy started its treacherous journey up a mountain.

The people’s morale had been expelled,
Fake news spread on social media,
The vibe of hate had erupted all over the world,
The togetherness of humanity had disappeared.

Pupils went back to school,
Shops reopened for business,
People went back to work,
Things started to get to the ‘new normal’.

Now cases are rising again,
The threat of lockdown unleashed,
People panicking,
2020. A very different year…

'With an open mind' by Joshua (11-14)

Lock down is depressing, gives you a view of what a prisoner's life is like. 

The need to protect the vulnerable and with a positive mental attitude we can get
through this dark time.

Fit and healthy loved ones being taken in such a cruel way, expressing a smile on
the outside but feeling destroyed on the in.

Feeling lonely, empty, that lack of togetherness. Emotions running high and self
esteem running low. Freedom feels such a long way off.

When will this nightmare end?

It’s O.K to be angry, laugh uncontrollably and even cry, despite these feelings you
are still a person in your own right. Share those warm feelings we use to take for
granted and create a new way of dealing with what we now call the norm.

With a smell of damp in the air and the taste of infection, just remember with an open
mind you can still achieve what you set out to do.

'Baby sister' by Adam (7-11)

In 2020 I got a baby sister called Miriam.
She is cute and loves milk to drink.
When Miriam is asleep she loves to think.
She loves her toys but the one she likes the most is her book.

She is very cute, cuter than a polar bears white fluffy cub.
She has such wonderful brown eyes that are like bronze.
Her skin is soft, softer than plane white snow on a winters night.
Her hands small but elegant and loves touching things with them.

Miriam is a one of a kind and a wonderful, sweet baby.
She is really special in our hearts and we all love her so much.
She is small but brave as a knight in shining armour.
She is the best baby sister you could ever have in the world.

My 2020 by anon (7-11)

Black lives matter by Farhan (7-11)

Black lives matter I shouldn't have to say it,
Children dying because of their skin,
Now we're committing a big sin,
Judge the character from within,
Not based on our melanin,
Martin Luther King,
Malcom X,
Rosa Parks,
Never stopped believing,
Never stopped fighting for freedom,
If we all come together as one,
We can live with unity and fun.
Posting online,protesting and
Marching all night yet it's still not enough.

'My quarantine experience' by Samira (7-11)

Quarantine was quite the challenge for me
I missed seeing my friends and family
I wondered how school was going to be
Whilst I tried to think positively

Quarantine wasn’t all so bad
I loved calling my family
It made me feel so glad
To see them all so happy

Quarantine was practically a rollercoaster
It had its Ups
It also had its downs
But in the end I made it out safe and sound

'Colour blind' by Inaaya (7-11)

Here in 2020, the devil lurks nearby,
It comes in different forms and we can’t hide it even if we try.
George Floyd was destroyed because of the colour of his skin,
Yet, another live lost, what a year it has been!
Racism is the silent killer, don’t let it win and separate you from the rest of the earth,
Mum always said, your skin colour should never determine your worth.

The world isn’t safe for us black people,
Why can’t we just treat everyone equal?
Don’t we all have human rights?
It’s not all about the whites.
We should treat everyone with kindness as karma repeats,
And treat everyone equally as humanity exists.

We don’t choose to be black, it’s just the way we are,
But the way you treat us, it’s absolutely bizarre!
If we just changed the way we behaved,
Many more lives would be saved.
How many more hearts need to shatter,
Before we turn the page and start a new chapter?

This world is broken and it needs to change,
This has been happening since the beginning of our age.
If you’re living in this time, you have to fight for your right,
It shouldn’t be a privilege to have skin that is white.
We all have a choice,
We just need to learn how to use our voice.

We all know of a great man that once spoke of a dream,
Let this generation be the one where that dream is finally seen.
Stand up for what you believe in even if it means you’re standing alone.
Every life matters regardless of your skin tone.

My 2020 by anon (7-11)

'This room inside my head' by Bertie (11-14)

It has been a rollercoaster of events - one of those rollercoasters that you’re queueing for, regretting your choice, and wanting to back out swiftly, but the line is getting shorter, two people left… now one person to go… then finally the supervisor opens the door to your cart, and you climb in and slump into the seat wishing it would open up and swallow you. 

2020 gave me the opportunity to make myself a room, in it contained all the sadness I lugged around. Whether it came from COVID-19 deaths or the koalas dying in Australia, it built up and became uncontrollable. This room allowed me to walk in, drop my negative emotions and walk out, closing the door behind me.

On the walls are words and phrases that shouldn’t even exist. These words shouldn’t be here and yet they are, on the walls of my room and head. Tears, masks, and patches of darkness also decorate this joyful room. The tears are like raindrops, sliding down the walls; they’re smudging the inky words, newly written. I taste salt, as tears well up inside and overflow out my red, puffy eyes. The echoes of my families’ cries ricochet off the walls, smothering me. 

The steady beeping of a hospital machine, and the quiet whispers of all the perished patients swarm me like a colony of angry bees. The sharp smell of anti-bacterial spray stings my nose and eyes; bringing back fresh tears and thoughts of what has happened for me to create this room. 

Protests echo in my ears, my nose clogging up from the smoke of a fire, all around me hidden figures start to place surgical masks on; their faces blank, eyes staring ahead as if they don’t notice the words on the walls or the overbearing smell of smoke. 

The confusion from this year have caused the world around me to be blocked out. Tall, brick walls surround me, inching closer at every headline news. The room seems to be getting smaller in width but larger in height. The walls are so tight now they are squeezing me until I’m unable to breathe or scream for help. Nobody would be able to hear me anyway because I’m trapped in this room inside my head.

'Change starts today' by Maximilian (7-11)

Racists beware
BLM is here
We are not stuck in the past
But pushing through to the future
We don’t understand where you are
Which world are you in?
But let me tell you something
Today is the start of new beginnings

Marching through the streets
Chanting names of people who died because of their race
Or who have had an unfair court case
We don’t need superiority
Nor favouritism
We simply want to be treated as equals
Like any other human in all the earth lands

I want to be free
From prejudice
I want to be me
In my own country

We have asked democratically
But nothing has happened
So we ask you again
Change your biased decisions

There’s nothing I can do about my skin
It’s how I was made
That’s why I believe in BLM
Change starts today!

Black Lives Matter by Raed (11-14)

Shouldn't come by skin or the nation
But by the thoughts inside of our mind
Human race its eyes closed and blind
To radicalism and exploitation of rights
To switch on the light
To see the sight
Exploitation of the right

Equality is what realty should be
Equality isn't a privilege
A right
To defia the right
To kill the people
Aint right

To see this turn on the light
To give the right
To stay blind
Is exploitation of a human mind

Personality to define a person
Humanity doesn't see what they see
They only kill thee
And think it's alright ain't right
That is why we fight

My 2020 by Natali (11-14)

A vast sea of confusion,
A wave as big as life itself,
A painful reality,
A push off a cliff,
For a tide to sweep me out of my comfort zone.

A dreaded panic,
A ripple in this foggy pond called humanity,
Life, experience, opportunity,
A change that cannot be undone,
A forever scar, a lasting burn.

Time goes on, but memories last
A grand story about the past,
The future be here, but just out of reach,
A never-ending ring of fire,
Escape the water, and not die out.

A glimmer in each of those lucky enough,
To have a chance of good,
An opportunity to live,
To experience a positive situation,
To be calmed by a Ray of hope.

At last I say my ill last words,
A sputter of life,
Dies out, like a candle in my mind,
Terror cannot reach what it can't see,
The year be horrible.

Life in Manchester by Ashaun (7-11)

‘For you' by Fiyinfoluwa (16-18)

The piece of work you're about to read is a poem. My poem 'For you' is exactly as the title depicts; it is a poem written with the intention of connecting with whoever is fortunate enough to come across it. My greatest hope is that this poem will uplift and encourage someone, in the same way that writing it out has uplifted and encouraged me, and my greatest 'wish' is that that 'someone' who reads it will get the opportunity to end their 2020 on a positive note.

Today, I pick up my blue pen once more.
The British Sky is crying as usual,
The music dripping from my laptop is sad and uncomforting,
But I can open my eyes.
The day is not too terrible…

Today, I pick up my pen for a writing competition.
The theme reads ‘My 2020’.
The purpose is to go ‘Beyond Words for World Mental Health day’.

The blue pen in my mind begins writing first.
Taking the lead. Conjuring all the things I could possibly write about.
I think of all the tears I have cried without crying,
All those dark moments where I had to force my subconscious self to think positively.
I think of the global pandemic that I did not suffer in immediate;
And yet have suffered all the same.

A dispiriting vacuum of dark-blue ink virulently splotches unto my internal canvas.
I try to remember the joys I have felt from this year because I know
I have felt many, but the blue pen only reproduces what has been black.

I remember the blue pen I do control,
The one quaking its blue head nervously in my right hand.
I move it to form words on the snow paper pondering my face.
‘Write something positive, Write something light’… I can’t.
I still my hand, when suddenly I envision the dead from this year,
The traumatised living that will witness the next,
Me who is sometimes in between.
I cross out the words, frustrated by this unattractive lack of self-restraint.
I re-adjust my seat for another attempt.
I am already exhausted.

But wait! Hold fast…
The enchantress pen seems to be writing in a different direction.
Like a magic wand being weld by the hand for which it was pre-destined,
The hand of God perhaps? A smile replaces my frowning
Blue lips, brilliant images eagerly exploding…

I realize that I am thinking of You.

You; The one who will read this.
You, that I hope these words will reach without me having to see
Or touch you.

I imagine your hand, whatsoever colour it takes, touching this paper.
I want to ask You, ‘Have you been well this year?’
Have you, like me, come out different? Or is your person still the same?
Whichever of these descriptions befit you, I assure you that it is of equal blessing to the other.

It is the blue pen in my right hand that now takes the lead. I write with an enraptured smile, Trying to calm my galloping heart, Thinking of how much I hope my work gets chosen, Just so I can encompass this brief but beautiful moment with You. Live in your 2020 for just a few more minutes.

Today I pick up my blue pen once more.
I am not afraid to spill the waves of emotion in my heart.
I pick up my pen For You.

‘The heroes of 2020’ by Emma (11-14)

These dark times consume happiness,
For most, hope has left,
The streets left empty and deserted,
Many tears have been wept.

Yet the sun will keep on smiling,
The clouds will go away,
And whenever the rain comes,
We’ll say, ‘Come another day’.

The breeze tickles the trees,
Mother nature sings,
All the birds fly around,
Spreading their glorious wings.

But sacrifices must be made,
People are dying,
But fear not, we have the NHS,
They’ll keep on trying.

As well as them there are others,
Trying their very best,
To help those in need,
And put our concerns at rest,

Thank you, NHS heroes,
For helping save countless lives,
We draw rainbow to thank you,
With bursting pleasure and pride.

My 2020 by Noah (11-14)

The fire of certainty is extinguished,
And the “old normal” is gone,
I find myself asking,
“Will we even see 2021?”

At the idea of a virus, we would jeer,
We thought we were unsinkable,
But away from the inevitable we couldn’t steer,
Naively, we celebrated The Brand New Year,

‘What was the worst that could happen?’
An Economic Collapse?
A Global Pandemic?
‘You must be insane!’ we said.

We question our own protection,
“Isolated?” we said,
Outraged, we resisted,
“Do we wish to be dead?”

Things to blame,
We find plenty,
But at the end of the day,
There’s nothing unpredictable about 2020.

We refuse to wear a mask,
Claiming that it smothers,
We had one rule, we had one task,
But why then, do we blame others?

What will they say,
When we’re all gone?
Once again, I find myself questioning,
“Will we even see 2021?”

I could come on strong,
Or light as a feather,
But lest we forget,
We’re in this together.

'Covid-19 2020' by Millie (11-14)

As we all know 2020 has been hard mentally and physically for many people around the world. My experience was just like most people’s, stay at home, use loads of hand sanitiser, home-schooling. So, I decided to write a poem about this.

We’re all at school getting ready for SAT’s
When along comes Covid and the Chinese bats
Boris Johnson says stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives
And I am at home with lots of sighs!

Every morning its P.E with Joe, and his kangaroo hops
These workouts are hard I need to pull up my socks!
When the workouts done I sit at my desk, checking the time until the home-school ends!

I want Covid to be over, out the door, in the bin
We are just waiting for the moment, when the whole world will win.

'His eyes are blue' by Eleanor (11-14)

His eyes are blue,
A stream of tears.
A twilight so true,
His cries - no one hears.
He is alone
Can’t get support.
Just company he sought.

Her eyes are brown,
copper, shining.
still afraid to drown
She hides, resigning.
Her skin is pure.
But she hates it.
It’s pure…
But the world is racist.

My eyes are grey,
A steely sea.
A frosty display,
A heart that chokes me.
He is gone now
With him, my peace.
Gone now…
So I live for release.

His eyes were green,
Forests of light.
So intense and keen
He never lost sight.
Face of shadows,
The air turns still.
where sickness waits to kill.

The worlds eyes’ guard,
Fearful, waiting.
Their spirits are scarred,
No more discriminating.
We remember
The time we changed,
We helped those in pain.

Roses are red (let’s save the world) by Yvonne (7-11)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I currently do not know what to do,

This year’s been a train-wreck,
This year has been blue,
We all wish this year hadn’t come too,

I hope it gets better,
I know it will to,
It’s already started:,

So kids get ready,
It’s our turn,
To kick out these oldies,

And fix this year like we should,
From scientists to builders we all have a dream,
And mine is for all of us to save our earth like we should,

'When the storm comes' by Mohammad (16-18)

A vision of what could happen if the situation of climate change gets worse.

The television was muted, but the screen flashed with news about the recent volcanic eruption, and the monthly list that showed the names of recently deserted cities. Spe was trying to eat his tasteless porridge, when his dad poked his head out of the kitchen and asked him to get a few more oxygen cylinders.

As Spe was walking across the worn down pavement, on his way to the pharmacy, a wind blew, hard, rattling the wired fence that ran along the sidewalk’s length. Suddenly, his phone rang, displaying a warning about an incoming sandstorm. It was finally there. He went numb. Not more than a minute had passed, but it seemed like an eternity before he could come to his senses. He looked up, with heavy eyes, and watched the already grey sky turn yellow. Without sparing another thought, he turned around, and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He did not even notice when he dropped his phone, all he could think of was getting back home, to his parents. Before long, he was sprinting across the front yard of the two storey house.Spe was filled with relief to see his mother, already standing at the door. Her eyes, the only part of her face not covered by the oxygen mask, were devoid of life.

“Quick! Come inside. The storm is approaching.” Spe rushed inside to see his father, packing stuff in a bag.“ We have to go! Your mom and I have already packed our things, only you are left. Hurry up! We leave in a minute.”

Spe ran to his room, and straight to his closet, where a bag was kept ready with essential items, like first aid, flashlights, and batteries- lots and lots of batteries. He began shoving clothes mindlessly in the bag. As he started zipping it up, the reality of the situation crashed on him. The state of panic was too much for him to bear, and he felt his hands trembling. Having packed everything with difficulty, he started to come down the stairs, and was stopped by a voice that made its way to his ears, from the corner of his room.

He turned back to find a pair of blue eyes staring at him . “Hey Fidem! Don’t be scared.” he caresses the cat, picks it up, and takes her with him to join his parents, who are waiting for him, impatiently.

“Are you bringing the cat?” asked his mother, sharing a look with his dad. “ Yes,I can bring her, right?”

“‘I’m so sorry, Spe, but you know that we can’t. There is barely space for humans in the shelter.”
Spe refused to pay heed to what was being said to him. He couldn’t care less about the situation at the shelter. “We are already leaving our home behind. There is no way I am going to leave Fidem as well. I am sure they can accommodate a freaking cat.” his parents looked at him with sad eyes- sad, but determined eyes. He realizes they would never let him take her.

“Okay, then. I won’t go as well. If she stays, I stay!” his dad was not ready to deal with that at the moment. He grasped Spe’s hand, and began to drag him across the living room, toward the front door. His yelling and pulling was of no use. In no time, they were standing in the front yard, where their car was standing, ready to take them away. They got inside, buckled up, and started to drive, each second transporting them further and further away from Fidem, from their house, and from the huge sandstorm that had engulfed half of it.

My 2020 by Orla (7-11)

Though we are on the edge
On a broken ledge
The angels look down

Though we are in a cage
Wanting to turn the page
There is always hope

Though the days are slow
Our spirits are low
There is a rainbow

And clouds that are clear
And with all of this comes the most unique year

Lockdown by Milena (11-14)

My 2020 by Nancy (7-11)

2020 was an interesting year
From wildfires to diseases
Many people lived in fear
In 2019 we did as we please
Now we can't see people who are 6 feet near

Schools were closed
Sanitation was high
Humans rights were opposed
In isolation time wouldn't fly
It seemed to slow to a crawl

People were stuck at home without income
Our faith of the future would fall
We all sat around sad and glum
Wanting to go back to normal
But this might be our new normal

My 2020 by Silvia (7-11)

Five weeks of lockdown or five weeks of relaxing or five weeks of total disaster. This is a real experience of when you can’t go anywhere, see anyone or generally just leave the house for a maximum of one hour a day at your nearest park.

From the first day when you think it’ll be a really good time for family and a rest from the busy life, to the last day when you can’t take it anymore and wished it would never happen again, it was like ten months went by. But they didn’t, it was just five long weeks.

After seven or eight days it started getting into a routine nearly, just so you wouldn’t get too bored and waist time thinking you have nothing to do. Sometimes we’d go for a run and then I’d do my home-classwork, but you couldn’t have a thing to do for every afternoon. Some days you had more fun schoolwork to do or some cool projects to work on but other days the afternoons would not pass by, especially the rainy ones. I would just start the afternoon with a book in my hands then get bored in minutes and go straight to drawing to TV to anything that could be interesting even if most of the time there wasn’t anything. 

I noticed in the lockdown that the less things you have to do the less things you actually want to do. This shows that as much as you find it annoying to wake up early, start a lesson which you particularly don’t like or don’t want to go to school, you need it.

My lockdown by Thea (11-14)

'The year 2020' by Isabelle (7-11)

It’s been a few months now, I miss my friends,
Oh come on tell me if this lockdown will ever end.
I’m bored of my bedroom and doing work at home,
All I want to do is stay in bed on my phone.

My siblings are annoying, they keep messing around,
I just listen out my window I can never hear a sound.
I want to see my teacher she was always making jokes,
I want to look on her desk and see the diet coke.
We play out in the garden, running up and down the grass,
I miss sitting in school with my whole class.

Rainbows fill my windows, for brighter days to come,
Let’s watch the news at 6:00 pm,
When will this lockdown be done?

My 2020 by Jemima (11-14)

'I used to be' by Tianna (11-14)

I used to be a peacock spreading out my feathers but now I am a tortoise hiding in my shell.

I used to be yellow happy, joyful but now I am blue sad, lonely like a shadow trailing along.

I was the world being destroyed and falling to pieces but now I am strong and fixed back up again.

I was the sun beaming down on the people with smiling faces but now I am a grey cloud crying tears down onto the dull black umbrellas.

I used to keep piecing my jigsaw puzzle together day by day but now it is done.

I used to be a star in the dark night sky but now I have faded and I am no longer there.

Right now I am grey so I will have to wait for another day.

My 2020 by Sienna (7-11)

'Dear 2020' by Indigo (7-11)

Dear 2020; you won't stop me from being sad, upset or angry.

This is because there's so many great things that have happened in my life and in the lives of others.

And I don't care about lockdown or covid 19, because in all that time when I was stuck at home I improved on things like:

  • I was able to bake
  • I was able to exercise
  • I was able spend time with my family.

I learnt plenty of new things and was still able to chat with my friends which made me happy.

So 2020, thank you for reading this message :) and I am looking forward to meeting 2021!

Best wishes,

'What happens next?' by Olivia (11-14)

This song is called 'What happens next.' and it is about being a teenager during 2020. Dealing with the lock down, social injustice issues and deaths.

Help! Our world is melting! by Lyra (11-14)

My 2020 by Emily (11-14)

I was there sat watching the news ready for Boris to do his speech, I was terrified.

Due to it brewing near to the end of my time at primary school, I didn’t want to leave now. I didn’t want to miss the year 6 leavers party and miss out on a proper send off to secondary.

It was then that Boris began his speech, will my perfect 2020 come to an end and misery rain down on me forever. The first 20 minutes of his speech was all about the risks, but It was his last sentence that changed my life. Lockdown had struck!

I was incredibly scared, what happens if my grandparents or anyone else's grandparents get diagnosed with the disease? It was like a game of football; you just didn’t know what was going to happen next. I began worrying uncontrollably, filling my head with panic and fear.

That night I could barely sleep, I found everything so mind numbing and I felt like my life would change for the worse. Morning felt miles away and all I wanted to do was let the worries go but the feeling of loss kept them near. I just wish I knew what they were doing right now and weather they were ok. 

I sat up and began reaching out for my diary and my glasses, I have had my diary for about a year now. My mum got me the diary because I had been through a lot of anxiety in the past. Writing to my diary always made me feel better because I was letting go of all the negative thoughts and making them positive, for example, I turned Covid into family FunTime. Just then my alarm went off, I had been writing for an hour!

I quickly rushed out of bed because I absolutely love Sundays and every Sunday, I go shopping to Sainsburys! But today was different. I had a very weird feeling in my tummy one was nerves, and one was excitement. I can almost guarantee that everyone has had that feeling before trying something new or doing something like a journey or a waterslide.

When we arrived, my tummy twisted as I began putting on my mask. Me, my sister and my dad all adventured to the long line of people startled and determined to get a spot in the queue.
We were right at the back to begin with, but the line was going fairly quicky and we were not there for long. As we drew nearer and nearer to the front, we sanitized our hands and kept following the 2-meter floor path.

When it was out turn to set foot in the super market we got really exited however it was not for long the lady said only one member from each house hold could go so I went whilst daddy and jess stayed waiting outside.

I had never been shopping alone before but because of the 2-meter rule I wasn’t to conscious of my surroundings. I had finally finished the shopping and I was ready to arrive home and lie on the sofa. I was so filled with happy bubbles as I drew nearer to my car, ready to drive home. I had never been so determined to stay away from people!

When I got home, I did not get the rest I deserved, instead I had to wipe down all the shopping which I did not know we had to do. I took about half an hour to sanitize all the shopping and to make matters worse I had to do it all with a pair of blue rubber gloves.

So, you see, lockdown had made everything different and I went through a lot of anxiety during the
many months we were stuck at home but my diary and talking openly made me feel so much better.

We will get through this!

Lockdown Lego by Neil (7-11)

Neil's mum checks in with a neighbour during lockdown where she drops in shopping, they then ask for her to visit another elderly person on another street where she drops off a cup of tea.

Poem by Branwyn (11-14)

Black Lives Matter by Tallulah (14-16)

My 2020 by Haider (7-11)

Lockdown‌ ‌was‌ ‌very, very‌ ‌boring‌ ‌
Woke‌ ‌up‌ ‌one‌ ‌day‌ ‌7:00‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌morning‌ ‌
Coronavirus‌ ‌spread‌ ‌very‌ ‌quickly,‌ ‌
For‌ ‌the‌ ‌first‌ ‌few‌ ‌months,‌ ‌my‌ ‌life‌ ‌wasn't‌ ‌very‌ ‌nifty‌ ‌

My‌ ‌parents‌ ‌said‌ ‌I‌ ‌could‌ ‌finally‌ ‌go‌ ‌to‌ ‌school‌ ‌
I‌ ‌thought‌ ‌that‌ ‌was‌ ‌very, very‌ ‌cool‌ ‌
Though‌ ‌they‌ ‌said‌ ‌the‌ ‌wait‌ ‌was‌ ‌long‌ ‌
‌I‌ ‌knew‌ ‌I‌ ‌had‌ ‌to‌ ‌stay‌ ‌strong‌ ‌

Coronavirus‌ ‌destroyed‌ ‌the‌ ‌City‌ ‌ ‌
The‌ ‌Country‌ ‌
The‌ ‌Nation‌ ‌
Closing‌ ‌shops,‌ ‌restaurants‌ ‌and‌ ‌train‌ ‌stations‌ ‌

I‌ ‌may‌ ‌be‌ ‌quarantined‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌outside‌ ‌
‌But‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌inside,‌ ‌my‌ ‌heart‌ ‌is‌ ‌‌not‌‌ ‌in‌ ‌isolation!‌

2020 Black Lives Matter by Alexis (11-14)

Imagine a place where everyone was equal,
Where we where’re treated as people,
Where our skin colour didn’t matter,
And the word racism didn’t mean scatter,

Where there was no discrimination or separation,
But instead we’re united as a nation,
Imagine a place where an innocent black man didn’t die
All because he was passing by

And an officer didn’t murder because of race
But Instead closed a hate case
And people around him took a stand against the disgrace
Imagine a place where a POC could walk safely in the streets

And go home to their family and just eat,
Where their children weren’t afraid of the fleet of officer,
And they could live peacefully in a country as foreigners
But instead they watch as their parents are pushed around a corner and later that day, they become mourners,

Imagine a place where people who are fighting the oppressors
Weren’t looked as aggressors
And where the government cared to make a change
But now the people are taking centre stage
And the fight for racism to end will stop at this generations age.

Blackberry picking by M (11-14)

Blackberry picking every weekend
Who would of thought this would be the time I spend
Walking around fields treading on bushes
I should be out with my friend drinking milkshakes and slushes

Blackberry picking what an adventure
Thorny spikes digging deeper and deeper
Is it worth the pain for the beautiful fruit?
And filling up tubs to put in our car boot

I think of the plan, the tarts we will bake
But is it worth the pain that is at stake?
Plunging my hand into the thorny unknown
I smell the aroma, fruity and sweet

Take a good whiff and then pick with your might
Its just out of reach, its too high up
You keep stretching and stretching but its not enough
‘over here dad’ I shout in delight

My dad would run over and with the bushes he’d fight
‘higher dad higher’ he tries with his might
I see the prize in his sight
The perfect blackberry, lovely shaped
No red bits, very nice and plump

But I see these kids, they’ve seen it too!
The prized blackberry who will win.
In the winter the blackberries die,
But until then I will keep eating my pie

My life in 2020 by Amie (7-11)

I used to be trapped inside with my worries, nothing to do and no one to see,
but now I can run free of my worries, the wind lightly brushing my face.

I used to be bordered from family and friends,
but now I can see their smiles and embrace their hugs.

Cities used to be resting, peaceful and quiet but now they’re filling up with life again.

Life used to be complex, being pieced together day by day,
but now it’s completed, only face masks remain.

My friends used to be blurred faces upon a screen,
but now they’re reality, their smiles filling up the room.

My mood used to be a thunder cloud, grey and bored
but now it’s dawned into a sun, yellow, joyful and happy.

I used to be a lone wolf, sheltering from the outside world,
but now I’m a majestic eagle, soaring freely up in the bright, blue sky.

COVID-19 by Robert (7-11)

It started with germs, and we washed our hands,
Then it began to ruin our plans.
First, they shut the swimming pool,
Next thing they closed the school.

Parents had to work from home,
Whilst I chatted to the garden gnome.
Stuck at home we felt trapped,
For key workers we clapped.

For my grandparents who were shielding, I wrote them a letter,
I wrote jokes and drew pictures to make them feel better.
We always had 1-hour exercise in the sun and in the rain,
And on VE Day I pretended to be a plane.

In lockdown we all learnt new skills,
My sister learnt to ride her bike, And I raced down hills.
I must stay out of my Dad’s working room,
Because he is constantly on zoom!

Mum became a teacher with experiments galore,
Potions bubbling and volcanoes erupting all over the floor.
For a lockdown holiday, we got a trip to the Isle of Wight,
With eat out to help we ate with all our might.

The semi-lockdown rule of six,
Made my communion party a bit of a fix.
We do not know how long Covid-19 will keep us apart,
But all my family have a special place in my heart!

Black Lives Matter by Peter (11-14)

Climate Change by Geoffrey (7-11)

Climate change is vital it has affected us and many other people, but it has hurt the poorest communities who find it hard to help their people. We need to stop using fossil fuels because when we do, we are polluting our earth’s air and hurting everybody’s lives even animals’ lives. When we chop down trees, we are polluting our air with carbon dioxide which make the earth hotter.

In the Arctic, the sun is melting down the ice, polar bears and wolves are having trouble finding ice to stand on. We need to change now and stop hurting our world. From now on we will help by walking or cycling to places not go by cars. We should stop using fossil fuels such as oil and also stop polluting our beautiful given seas and ocean with plastic.

Maybe you can help by picking up any plastic you come across and dispose it in the recycling bin. I know it is hard during corona virus but if we start now and work together, we can change our world from a pile of filth to a beautiful land of richness.

Shh Listen by Charlotte (11-14)

Shh listen to the sounds of sadness,
Shh listen to the sounds of sorrow,
Feel your heart inside like a drum,
The virus is near.

Shh listen to the sounds of screams,
People locked up like prisoners,
Shouting from nearby houses,
Too long we have been stuck they say.

Shh listen to the sounds of crying,
Crying because they are not aloud to see their mum,
Because they are not allowed to go outside,
Because they are not allowed in others hearts.

Shh listen to the sound of pain,
Pain from deep within,
Pain from the fact we are alone,
Alone we are.

Shh listen,
Listen hard,
Listen to the sound,
The sound of the virus.

Poem by Vaishaali

Lockdown by Aseela

I can see people queuing outside of the supermarkets, standing 2m apart .
Food shelves were empty as classrooms, panic at the start.
Seeing family upon a screen,
Friends from school you have never seen.
The sound of people busy buying food,
Families together lighten the mood.
Helping in the kitchen, it smells like chocolate cake
Dreaming of all the cookies we will make.
I wish I can go up the hill,
I don't want to make people ill.

I see Lockdown by Emily (11-14)

I see the pain of the people
The hurt and the sorrow

I see the silent anger of the people
The lies and the secrets

I see the worry of the people
The fear and unrest

I see the grief of the people
The crying and the loneliness

I see the hope of the people
The resilience and the courage

I see the generosity of the people
The giving and the kindness

I see the joy of the people
The happy and the excitement

I see the trust of the people
The concern and the care

I see all this with my broken eyes.

Locked down feelings by Deborah (11-14)

This year I have felt more bored than ever before.
On the walls of my bedroom they look like they are filled with excitement from all the posters on the wall,
But in reality there is no excitement in the room, the colours have faded.
My feelings taste like nothing, from not knowing what to eat, therefore eating nothing at all.
My feelings smell like flowers… that have no scent.
My feelings sound like Lions growling loudly from the solemn sensation of starvation.
My feelings feel like sadness and sorrow overflowing me from being so bored.

Trouble in 2020 by Destiny (11-14)

Yellow and black police tape,
Fires spreading like the news.
People mourning, children scared,
People dying and crying.
What’s this empty feeling?
Is it the loss of human-kind?
Or the friendships torn up and thrown away like yesterday’s left overs?
All the hate for colour,
Really makes me wonder,
I feel rundown, speechless and cold.

My 2020 by Beatrice (11-14)

2020 has been a year of confusion,
A year of panic and fear,
A year of hurt and worry

2020 has been a whirl wind of emotions,
Shock and puzzlement,
Thoughts and feelings

2020 has been the year to remember,
With climate change and coronavirus,
Black lives matter and forest fires

2020 has been strange and new,
With social distancing and masks,
Hand gel and online school

2020 has been a new experience for everyone,
No one knew what was coming,
No one could see into the unknown

2020 discriminated and hurt millions of people,
Black against white, white against black
Protests on the street and banners waving

2020 has killed parts of our earth
Species killed,
Polluted air

My 2020 has been just the same,
Messy and confused,
Trying to look at the positives

But 2021 is next to come
And we have a fresh start, something different to look forward to;
We have to leave the mess of 2020 behind us and start creating our new 2021

My 2020 poem by Electra (11-14)

It was a year that no one would have ever imagined, a new year and a new school,
but who would have thought I’d be locked in my room with homework the size of Mount Everest.

The buses used to be packed with lots of people from different schools,
but now they are just empty and seem lonely.

Easter came and went by like a bullet through the air,
Birthdays flew by like a souring bird in the sky.

But when will everything go back to normal?

Going back to school by Michaela (5-7)

I saw my school friends every day,
But now the world has quickly changed
I was trapped at home feeling shocked,
Like being in a dungeon.

Days were elapsing rapidly,
I felt glum on my bed
I did not feel warm anymore,
I felt cold
Like winter’s snow.

So I thought about the future,
Anything could happen
I knew magic was everywhere,
It needed to appear.

But one day,
There was something different
I opened my creaky window,
The summer breeze was out there
I heard the school bell’s tune.

I sprinted downstairs,
To grab my bag
Then like a cheetah,
I dashed off to school

I felt so excited.
When I went in,
My eyes were staring like an owl,
Trying to catch its prey

Everything had changed,
I felt more shocked than ever
It was peculiar at school.
Was it real or not?

2020 by Ted (11-14)

2020 is like a whale
Struggling on a shore
Separated from the sea
And slowly dehydrating
Collapsing under its own weight
Feeling pain and sadness
With all hope completely lost
Drowning from the high tide

2020 is like a house
Bursting up in flames
Burning the valuables inside
Never to be seen again
Dangerous to get too close
A threat to people nearby
A normal family separated
From nothing but bad luck

2020 is like a puddle
Lying on the hard ground
Looking at the world around
But unable to move
A worthless bit of water
Splashed on by others
It feels nothing but sadness
That will soon dry up and be forgotten

2020 by Rory (7-11)

The Year 2020 by Freddie (11-14)

The year has been a strange one,
Our world plagued with disease,
But through all the darkness,
Heroes came through the breeze,

We all came together,
Fighting the virus like knights,
Our shields were face masks,
But the virus wasn’t out of sight,

As people fell around us,
And we took many a hit,
We fought back with hand sanitizer,
But the virus wasn’t going to sit,

Our knights in shining armour,
Our teachers, our doctors, our nurses,
They fought the battle on the front line,
And relieved us of the enemy’s curses,

As so many fought in the battle,
Some were alone at home,
No sports to watch or school to go to,
We only had our phone,

This virus attacked us brutally,
Everyday taking more lives,
We were imprisoned in our homes,
Forcing us to make creative dives,

We learned to enjoy our company,
We learned to savour our entertainment,
Watching plays from home,
Just a screen from our obtainment,

We are fighting a valiant battle,
We are participating in an unforeseen war,
We are one now,
Although separated by law.

A reflection on the darker days in the quarantine months by Lika (14-16)

This year is bathwater.
Though the winter’s ice recedes, the Stygian depth of February nights
Is only replaced with black stagnant pools of March-April-May.
Dreams of the seacoast exchanged for dreams
Of the London tube.
The red-brick heart of home still,
Carved out by months of festering solitude,
Its mornings and afternoons a nauseating constant.

This year is apples on the kitchen windowsill, and
Fields stretching beyond Spring into
Forgotten summers.
This year is bitter decadence,
It is crowns of weeds - full of scornful pride:
Old backyard kings in all their dandelion glory.

The zeroes of the kitchen clock glare.
This year is an eye for an eye.
Time settles round like dust,
Like quicksand, like saltwater.
The liquid gold of the mid-summer sun is sickly;
Replaced then with dull thunder and
Hours drumming out their monotonous pattern
Behind the thick hospital glass.

This year is like a toothache.
A numb, pulsating pain,
Full of paracetamol mornings and blocking out light.
The passing of days like a novocaine shot wearing off.
Opaque curtain of dreams between
Drooping eyelids and the screen,
Cybernated voice calling out from underwater.
Apples on the windowsill rotting.
Air heavy and static
Like our red-brick hearts.

My 2020 by Julia (7-11)

2020 poem by Rory (11-14)

2020 has changed our ways,
I used to be able to go watch away days,
Lockdown made us all sad,
Boris johnson made us all mad,

We tried to sneak out and be clever,
But rip chadwick boseman wakanda forever,
He said stay inside we'll all be fine,
Wash your hands don't cross the line,

Old people stayed inside from fear,
But how long a week,a month or a year,
I wish everything was normal,
But this is the new normal,

So we have to make the most out of it,
But how if all i can do is sit,
2021 please be more fun,
So my mum doesn't make me go on a run,

What a bad year.

Lockdown life by Lily (11-14)

During lockdown a lot of good and bad things happened, my OCD and anxiety got worse but was relieved when we went to collect my pug, Beau. When we found out we were getting her we were so excited, but that day we had to pack our stuff to go to my Nan’s because my mum had fallen ill. (That was really scary because we didn’t know what it was). That was back in April. After that tragedy happened everything was going fine afterwards and we soon got my puppy at the end of May!

In early/middle of June I saw a couple of friends (one at a time cause of COVID-19) one was for her birthday and one came to hang out because we hadn’t seen each other since April. It was really fun hanging out with them, I loved it!

As lockdown eased in July/August I was allowed to hug 2 of my friends and I learnt how to take care of myself as a teenager and I’ve also been learning who I am and what is special about myself.

I am sharing my lockdown story to others to encourage them to tell their story of how they felt during the COVID-19 emergency pandemic.

My 2020 by Diya (7-11)

'My 2020 vision' by Charlie (7-11)

I have a vision of the world in one year’s time
And I think that it’s gonna look just fine
No hands, face, space
No loss of smell or taste

I have a vision of the world in one year
We will be serene and smiling from ear to ear
No more one-way systems
I for one won’t miss them

I have a vision of the world in one year’s time
Where not wearing a mask won’t be a crime
And it won’t be a step too far
To hug or kiss my Grandma

I have a vision of the world in one year
A world that’s free from Covid-fear
No more reports on cases and deaths
No more worry about sharing our breath

I have a vision of the world in one year’s time
Where my house will win sports day for the very first time
No talk of virus or being ill
Just running and tackling on the rugby field

I have a vision of the world in one year
It’s going to be all elation and cheer
Halloween and Christmas will be once again
To celebrate with my family and friends

I have a vision of the world in one year’s time
And I know it’s gonna look just fine
But in the meantime, during this life test
Be kind, Embrace challenge and try your best!

My 2020 by Rose (11-14)

Looking back across the year,
Memories of lockdown...
Some fuzzy, some clear,

Same walk, same view,
Different seasons
Feeling blue

Missing friends, missing school,
Sick of zoom and
Only facetime calls

Keeping distant, washing hands,
Clap on Thursday,
Cancelling plans,

Rainbows of hope, wearing masks,
The world is changing,
Quick and fast,

2020 the year of change,
Defined by covid,
Very strange!

​My 2020 by Amin (7-11)

When Coronavirus started in March 2020, my school was closed and everyone had to stay at home in lockdown.

Lockdown has been hard for me because I couldn’t go and spend time with my family and friends. My school sent me work and I did it with my Grandad over FaceTime because my mum and dad were working. 

I made a rainbow picture with my sister and put it on the window for all the essential workers like my mum.  We went out and clapped for the carers on Thursdays which was nice because I got to see my neighbours.

In lockdown I played a lot of sport. We got a badminton set and played with my dad and my sister in the garden. I improved in my football and cricket skills and riding my bike. I enjoyed being outside and most days we went to the park because the weather was nice.  At the beginning I did my kickboxing classes over Zoom but now we are able to go back to classes.

We had to spend Eid in Lockdown, I did get presents and money from my family so it was a good Eid.  My mum made pancakes for breakfast and my Grandma sent us biryani and samosas for lunch. We FaceTimed my family on the TV in the morning and we had a quiz over Zoom. My mum and I made biscuits and we sent them to our neighbours

After six months in lockdown, we were allowed to go back to school.  I was moving to a new school and we were lucky that we got to meet our new class and teacher over Zoom before the summer holidays. I am happy to be back at school and have made lots of new friends.

'Give someone a helping hand' by Y4P Kensington School

'For the origin of species' by Talha (16-18)

This is a fictional letter I wrote to my grandfather about an extinct tree. Climate Change has affected the whole world. The tree became extinct because of it.

To Grandfather’s tree,

During my annual Spring cleanup tradition, I was clearing up my messy cupboard when a big
lumpy ball of clothes, books, yarn and other bits and ends fell on my feet. Among all of them, I
noticed something peeking out- a picture of my grandfather’s childhood from when he was a ten
year old boy wearing a crisp brown school uniform with neatly oiled hair. In the background I
saw you, a beautiful tree that I realised, I had never seen before. A quick look through a
botanical encyclopaedia confirmed my hunch. I had come across an extinct tree.

It was huge, iridescent and gloriously extravagant. The wide brown trunk would’ve sheltered all
my tiny friends when we’d play hide and seek in the yard. It would’ve been a perfect getaway,
guaranteeing me a win for every game. As my eyes looked up to the sky its shoulders formed
an umbrella, shielding my grandfather from the harsh, sweltering June heat.

“Parallel venation” my sister murmured to herself as she snuck a look from behind. We had an audience!

It was flowering during that time of the year, each petal a different colour. The one lying on the
ground next to his worn leather strap shoes had auburn, topaz and maroon ones. They would’ve
looked lovely pressed against the pages of an old journal. Suddenly I remember the three ants
that walked against the black ink of mine that I unknowingly crushed. Maybe not, I thought to
myself. You wouldn’t want all the beings who you lent your love and kindness to, that thrived
under the wide canopy die.

I wonder why you disappeared and I can’t believe that you’ll exist only through photos in this
world. How artificial we’ve become. I wish I could ask Grandfather but he passed away ten
years ago. He lived a long, happy life and I don’t think a world of phones, factories and robots
suited him. For a man who spent his last days reading the newspaper, listening to rusty records
and watering the recently planted Bougainvillea sapling, he would’ve hated a world which
auctioned off trees as if they were property, owned by people who did not cherish them in the
slightest. Perhaps it was for the best.

Your strength reminds me of the willpower of the people during that time, who lived through
wars, famines and revolutions. A characteristic of your generation, living through the veins
rushing through the soil.

I spend a lot of time these days, looking at your picture pinned up on my fridge with a sunflower
magnet. So many things have disappeared- the multicoloured chirping birds, the playing ground
with a cricket pitch where my friends would shout “Out! Out!”, grandfather who bought me a
whole collection of Tinkle’s for my birthday and you, who I never got to meet. Maybe if I water
the soil right where you grew, I’d see you come back to life one day.

All my love,

My 2020 by Alex (7-11)

'Articulate' by Alice 16-18

Chatterbox chit-chatting
         - Blessed simplicity of sociability
To escape the debates in my head.
But censorship holds back the words that
Really matter.

Active procrastination’s second nature
        - That’s all you can do when your mind’s
On a roll…
Consume book after book
You can live in any world (but your own)
Play any part (but your own)
On your own.


And empty. Always empty.

Find something to fill the void,
I feel devoid.

Thinking brain’s
Gon a-wandering
Jump back on the happy thought train.
        - Rain’s coming in.

Burden of a thinking brain,
Solving problems, composing poems
Between dreams, never at peace
        - Let me sleep!

An unspoken agreement
Behind this silent treatment.

Break. The. Stigma.

'I remember' by Jamie 11-14

Black Lives Matter by Ava (11-14)

It is like an ugly animal,
Vicious and sharp of tongue,
Belonging to lots of people,
The old and the young.

It has been ignored for too long,
We are all human you know,
No colour is wrong.

“I can’t breathe,”George said,”I can’t breathe.”
he said,as he lay on the ground,
With no justice,no remorse anywhere to be found,
From the man who murdered him with no reason,
Yet he was unbelievably granted freedom,

But it doesn’t stop there,
Oh no it doesn’t:
Elijah Mclain,
Breonna Taylor,
Rayshard Brooks,
Stephon Clark,
Atatian Jefferson,
Aura Rosser,
Botham Jean,
Philando Castille,
Alfon Sterling,
Michelle Cusseaux,
Freddie Gray,
Tanisha Anderson,
Micheal Brown,
Gabriella Nevarez,
Janisha Fonville,
Akai Gurley
And Tamir Rice, Tamir Rice a 12 year old boy,
Were all murdered for one reason,
The colour of their skin was deemed a sin.

Still that is not all,
There have been many more murders,
But it’s time to stand tall,
Together we are stronger,

Black Lives Matter and they always will,




'My happy day' by Bhushna (5-7)

My 2020 by Grace (11-14)

The language of 2020 was kindness
It said “hello” in a wave from across the road
It said “I love you” in a bag of shopping left on a doorstep
It asked “how are you?” in a surprise call on someone’s birthday
It said “miss you” in a ball thrown over a fence
It said “see you soon” in a chalk note written on the pavement

The language of 2020 was love
It said “still here” in a box of flowers delivered from a friend
It said “stand together” in a crumpled BLM placard held by many hands
It said “we’ll get through this” in a pair of smiling eyes above a mask
It said “don’t worry” in a pair of footprints two metres apart
It said “be strong” in a messy rainbow stuck in a window

And when it felt like the language of 2020 was hopelessness and loneliness
The people took over
And roared their love and kindness
Into one continuous noise

The language of 2020 was many different things
But the people were united
And they were the language of my 2020.

My 2020 by Bani (11-14)

All my hopes, my aspirations,
All the things that can’t happen,
All the complaining, all the expectations,
All the questions, all the answers,
Were they true, or were they false?

Can it happen, will it happen,
The confusion on peoples’ faces,
I can nearly taste freedom,
Yet it slips away again,
Lockdown- a prisoner in your own home.

All the extra time with the fam,
Taking the dog on a walk,
Homeschool - that was fun,
Facetiming friends, together but apart,
Parties, meetings all on zoom.

Keyworkers, the new superheroes,
Rainbows, storms don’t last forever,
Support everyone clap 8.00 every Thursday,
Back garden camping, paddling pools and BBQs,
2 metres apart, but always in my heart.

My 2020 by Reggie (11-14)

'Thank you to the people' by Erin (11-14)

Thank you to the people,
Who love, protect, and care.
You I will never forget,
And the kindness that you share.

Thank you to the people,
Working at the NHS.
You really are our heroes,
To have you we are blessed,

Thank you to the people,
Who are making all the choices.
We know it must be testing,
But we’re grateful you hear our voices.

Thank you to the people,
Who became teachers overnight.
Each one of you is a bright star,
In the darkest night.

Thank you to the people,
Who are choosing to stay at home.
We give you our prayers,
Just know you’re not alone.

Thank you to the people,
Who live in the UK.
You all play a crucial role,
In saving our today.

'The Sky Beneath Our Feet' by Monty (11-14)

'Help each other' by Khrystyna (11-14)

They wanted to help clean my house for me,
All the neighbours, beaming with positivity,
I declined however with a smile,
Sipping my tea of camomile.

I knew that I could do it all myself,
Were they worried about my health?
Really? I’m only 54!
And they’re already knocking on my door.

There was one thing, however that I did know,
I would never need their help – oh no!
I was always independent, always doing things myself,
No need for a mechanic to fix my shelf.

After some time, it became 2020,
Helping me realise, that I could have been more friendly.
But because of Covid I couldn’t go out,
Not even to talk or to give them a shout.

Months passed and I sat alone,
Watching as the moon shone and shone,
As the warming summers became winters,
Looking at the passing sprinters.

My house was a wreck and on the verge of breaking,
As I went to my computer my knees were aching,
And as I clicked ‘Checkout’ for my food,
My eyes on the empty wallet were glued.

I had no choice now but to ask for their help,
But would they even want to if I asked with a yelp,
I’d been so rude, they obviously wouldn’t want me,
But when I knocked, they let me in without a plea.

From then they helped me everyday,
Until I finally turned old and grey,
And died of old age with a grin,
Thanking everyone who helped me win.

A poem about the toughest year I have yet known,
Is waiting - awaiting for you to have grown.
And then to dig it out of files deep,
For your children to read and keep.

Make an offer everyday,
And ask twice if they’re okay.
Who knows, maybe they are not,
And you are helping them a lot.

Give them a call, or even a letter,
Sometimes that’s all it takes to make things better.
For all of us it was a giant leap,
But maybe it was just a nightmarish sleep.

Black lives Matter by Niamh (11-14)

I taste the blood on the air,
I taste the smoke that hangs in the air,
I taste the aroma of burning rubber,
I taste a world that could be ours.

I smell the bittersweet smell of blood,
I smell the burning flesh,
I smell the smell of gunpowder,
I smell a world that could be ours.

I see a world where they fight
I see a world where they hate
I see a world where they judge,
I see a world that could be ours.

I hear the cries of sobbing mothers
I  hear the screams of the fallen,
I hear the pleas of the orphaned children,
I hear a world that could be ours.           

I feel the grief,
I feel the pain,
I  feel the resounding emptiness,
I feel a world that could be ours.

I taste why we need to listen,
I smell why we need to stand together,
I see why we need to accept,
I hear why we need to stop judging

I feel why we need to see beyond our colour,
I know why we need to unite.

2020 by Paris (14-16)

'Silver lining' by Kelsie (14-16)

She is my pride and joy. With soft eyes that you could stare into forever. A heart made of love, slender profile and a great brilliant Chestnut coat. Em and Kenny were always there for me! All of them were! In the darkest days when my life Felt like it was a hurricane in the endless sea. I will never forget the days I spent with her. Cantering in a field full of grass and daisies. Under a clear blue sky.

Some people are scared of clowns, some of heights instead of any of that. Not spiders not snakes or the dark. Maybe that’s a little lie. I might be petrified of spiders but only a little bit.

I’ve got battered in my ears, my heart thundered in my chest. My feet tingled and my stomach churned. I felt as if I was between two walls not knowing what would happen to me.

I was waiting… anxiously I was waiting for a beautiful sparkling clean horsebox. . We were waiting for them to collect my little wonderful smart boy Kenny! I would prefer it if it was sooner than later. So my travelling emotions didn’t get worse. My head is pounding to myself worrying about what I shouldn’t be worrying about. I had to keep repeating in my head ‘it’s not goodbye forever is it goodbye for now’. There was a light on in the container packing for him his bridal saddle martingale other things like that. They were very late. I was anxious they had to come picked him up without saying goodbye already…

But I new there was a silver lining to it as Macy, one of the other ponies, is expecting a baby. We are still thinking of names like Katie Angel and Bell. But with Macy something always goes wrong. The first time we saw if she didn’t have a baby we put sedation in her it was far too much it was very very dangerous. Her gums went dark grey. I thought we were going to lose her. But luckily not. But we are just hoping that the foal has four legs and a tail. She’s expecting the baby at the end of June next year 2021. 

'Wishful thinking' by Elise (11-14)

This year I have felt more alone,
More alone than ever before,
Finding out about things I should have known,
Finding out about the nature that can’t take anymore.

At home we can relax by the warm fire,
Eat icecream as we cry in our beds,
Feel as safe and loved as we desire,
We forget about the roaring in Earths head.

As we read of fiction worlds to calm us down,
We forget to listen to the wind,
We forget about the chaos outside of town,
As we laugh and dance and sing.

In winter, at the very start of the year,
I don’t recall it being cold and wet,
But we didn’t notice that the roads were clear,
That the snow wasn’t able to set.

Even in the middle of the coldest season,
We didn’t need as many layers as we feared,
We also dint realise that in the arctic region,
Polar icecaps and icebergs were starting to disappear.

In Spring, the next season to come,
There weren’t as many flowers to appear,
The harsh fires that turned plants into crumbs,
Leaving birds without nests for the year.

How and why is this fair,
To rob animals of their partners and home,
To litter in the ocean that they try to repair,
Leaving only garbage on which they must roam.

Along comes Summer with its sweltering heat,
Drying up the rivers and grass,
As we suffer in lockdown with only our two feet,
This does not go by without a glance.

Finally something to enjoy besides endless rest,
Our minds no longer fixed on covid-19,
No longer reminded of the plants that protest,
No longer reminded of the major crime scene.

Now Autumn, oh how wrong we were to wait,
To hope for clouds and rain and gales,
That would change the worlds fate,
That would put us on the right trail.

But no, all that this next season has done,
Is cause homeless species to die from starvation,
None of them can find food in the harsh air, none,
Now no one can end this bad situation.

So, tell me I’m wrong to be scared,
Tell me I’m wrong to feel lost,
But cast your eye upon the nature that cannot be repaired,
That will be forgotten when there is no frost.

I feel alone with the knowledge of this news,
I feel alone when I know I can’t do this alone,
This is why I am writing this poem so you can choose,
Whether the world can help us as one.

'My walk' by Tia (14-16)

I opened the door and stepped out. The first thing I hear are seagulls and nothing else.

There wasn't a person in sight. It was very strange, it was like as if there was an apocalypse.
I start walking, there must be someone around here somewhere right? Out of nowhere a
bike zooms past me and startles me! What a relief, I thought I was the only person on the

I only just noticed how the roads lack cars but there are birds instead. Seagulls, crows and
pigeons swooping down onto the road.

At last I made it to the shop! Hold on, where is my face mask? Don't tell me I left it at home
again! I peered inside the shop window and saw all the shelves were empty. Nevermind, at
least I had a interesting walk today.

'Tough times' by Isla (11-14)

Times are tough right now,
Can’t do this can’t do that,
It’s not very fun right now.

It started after Christmas,
Festivity was running low,
Then came the news that schools were closed,
Stay at home just one walk a day,
Worries and thoughts were swirling in my head,
Working at home every day was hard.

Times were tough then,
Couldn’t do this couldn’t do that,
It was not very fun then.

But now I look back and realise it was not so bad,
All the things we did on our walks,
The memories that we made can never be replaced.

I sit back and relax,
I dance,
I sing,
I act,
These were the things that kept me happy,
When everyone was unhappy.

Times are tough right now,
Times were tough then,
Can’t do this can’t do that,
Couldn’t do this couldn’t do that,

It’s not very fun right now.
It was not very fun then,
But now I look back,
I realise how lucky I am.

My 2020 by Sophie (11-14)

'The pain of 2020' by Jamie (14-16)

2020 has gone down the drain
2020 we all pray
Because of the pain
That 2020 has played

Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter
What's going to happen next
Forest fires hit the world

Because of the climate
What in the world
Corona has hit

People have no clue
Until it's too late
People are getting anxious
People are stocking up

Powers are being made
Lockdowns officially starting
People are dying
But think of the good times
Clapping for carers and NHS

The climate and the planet
The seas are clearer
The air is fresher
Birds are tweeting
More peace on earth

Deforestation slowing down
Less innocent trees
More time at home with families

George Floyd has been hit
People start protesting
For rights and freedom
For peace against race
We are all scared

But think for a minute
And think of the actions
You do before making an impact
To this world
Or you will be sorry!!

'Was it all bad?' by Thalia (11-14)

At the beginning of 2020, I had lots of luck!
Then Covid came around and made our lives suck!
I couldn’t go up to my house in Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
It stole my holiday, and I didn’t feel fine,

But was it bad?
I know it was sad.
It made me feel mad,
That home was the only normal thing that I had.

I did lots of cooking and baking,
Reading and writing and story-making.
Of course the government have out new rules,
And also closed all the primary schools,

I know it was a weird experience we had,
But was it all that bad?

We got to finish primary school,
Which was quite cool,
We had 2 weeks to say “goodbye!”
I felt so happy, I was about to cry.

Zooming away, the holidays hurried,
Moving to secondary school, I felt quite worried,
Getting stuff for secondary school was really fun,
Although it was quite stuffy in the heat of the boiling sun!

I really, really missed swimming
I felt that my world was slowly dimming,
I masked my face,
Walked at a steady pace,

Quite a lot of the holidays, well most,
I spent listening to my sister boast,
We watched tv and one day I sighed,
Looking at my secondary school letter that I eyed.

I missed the things that before we had,
But was lockdown all bad?

Soon it will be Christmas, but will it be the same?
Now that Covid-19’s the next star, walking in fame,
We’ve had downs,
We’ve even had a few frowns,
Stay safe, stay at home,
For our own house is our safety dome,

So spread your smile, as it matters the most,
Comment or like that lovely post,
Lockdown’s happy,
Lockdown’s sad,
But we won’t be left with what we had,
We’ll make memories for us to share,
When things are back to being normal and fair!

'Worry, worry, worry' by Poppy (7-11)

This is my poem about anxiety. I have Autism and get very anxious a lot, so thought I would write a poem about it.

George Floyd by Amelie (7-11)

I was so shocked by what happened to George Floyd I was inspired to draw this.

'My life in 2020' by Evie (14-16)

I was split from my friends and family
I had a point when I worried about mum and nanny
Home life was going wellish when I got time with my mummy

But then it went bad my sis and daddy argue a lot
I wasn’t doing my work properly, hard as well as easy
But now it’s different but not normal properly

But still I can’t wait for the day they say no mask and you can be with more people and family

I felt anxious and scared when it went n to chaos
No fave foods or toilet paper on the shelf
No swimming and not loads money.

My 2020 by Eliza (11-14)

No school, staying home, we thought it would be fun,

But staying home for three months, I know we are all done.

And as soon as we take one step out of the door,

Police brutality hits and black people are pushed to the floor.

People are being hurt because of the colour of their skin,

And all their hopes and dreams are dropped in the bin.

Hundreds of trees are burning down,

Protests and notes are in the town,

And we will never forget the name George Floyd,

Because of the colour of their skin his life was destroyed,

Covid-19 us warming like bees in a hive,


​'My memories of lockdown' by Freya (11-14)

My memories of lockdown. Wow! How the time has flown by just like a firefly.

You are feeling bored, feeling blue and then just think again.

Lovely walks in the woods, super sunny fun in your garden.

Ohh and don’t forget the most important thing, spending time with your family all day.

Clock ticking through the thoughtful day and don’t forget the other awful things happening in our world today.

Kangaroos burning in the Australian fires, so many animals homes burned down to the ground.

Don’t forget about black lives matter and so do ours.

Ohh and who could forget about climate change.

Wow what a year it has been, what a year to remember but remember the good times we shared together. Why couldn’t the memories last forever?

Now close your eyes and remember the good times and the bad, think to yourself and respect yourself.

My 2020 by Will (11-14)

​'Time flies by' by Tyler (11-14)

Time flies by, watching the birds fly

As time goes to waste, we’re in lockdown

Feeling down what are we going to do now?

A few months later up and better

As lockdown eases more months later

We’re feeling much better because lockdown is nearly over

We get to play outside

Seeing our friends once again and back to school we go

Seeing new people is a delight and getting new friends is a privilege.

​ 'Names' by Harrison (14-16)

My name is “don’t believe it”. Just let the forests die.

My name is “can’t believe it”. Who cares about holes in the sky?

My name is “all of a dither”. There’s nothing I can do if the ice caps are wearing thin.

My name is “sit on the fence”. Say goodbye to wildlife.

And all of these people with these names who say “don’t do anything”.

Well my name is a warning from future years.


My 2020 by Jonny (14-16)

My 2020 has been good because I have been back to my footy training on Saturdays. I have enjoyed playing sports again because I have missed playing football on Saturdays.

I have enjoyed being at school again, seeing friends and just getting back into routines again. Some things have been affected by coronavirus because my footy was paused because of Covid -19; my cricket hasn’t started yet because of Covid and some other bad things have been that I can’t see my friends near home because of covid and the rule of 6 people meeting up with each other.

I can't be with people on their birthdays because of Covid 19 too, which is bad for me because last year without covid I was allowed to party’s. This year I have missed out on 4 birthday parties. One more good thing is that the premier league is back again and I can now watch Southampton FC again every weekend. In school we have started a premier league fantasy league. Football on tv is weird because of fake crowds on a big screen without actual crowd noise, because fans are not allowed to grounds until next year now because of Covid. The premier league fake crowds put players off. The premier league supporters help the black lives matter project by the players taking the knee each match. The corona virus has really changed people's lives so much.

'Life in Lockdown' by Poppy (7-11)

Corona virus what a horrible sound,
I just hope it settles down!

The shops are empty, so schools and the streets,
Social distancing means that nobody can meet.

My Mummy was desperate for flour
There was less and less hour by hour.
Is my sister going to get her birthday cake?
Without any flour, how can we bake?

When we go out for our daily exercise people smile at each other instead of frown,
And as we walk, run, scoot or bike, there are rainbows all around!

Everybody bangs, claps and shouts hip hip hooray,
For the awesome key workers and NHS heroes,
Every single Thursday.

But, what about our planet?
Less cars and more walking means less pollution,
The planet is happier and so is the ocean.

So let’s sort out the environmental mess,
Let’s not get everything back to normal,
Let’s work together and try our very best.

So be kind, stay safe and control the virus,
But don’t forget to look out for the planet,
Who gives so much to us.

'Lockdown' by Oscar (11-14)

'COVID-19' by Dionne (18+)

C hanges galore, nothing the same
O penness to new ideas and ways of being
V ariety restricted, a new appreciation for what we do have
I nventive ways to communicate and get things done, our brains expanded
D istancing is the ‘new normal’ but doesn’t stop us being closely connected
1 world impacted by the same thing, at the same time
9 months of 2020 dominated by one virus.

'Lies make the world go round' by Laurie (14-16)

This was a descriptive piece I wrote (not from true experience!) but written to reflect the experience of being in lockdown and coming up with crazy ideas due to sheer boredom! I wrote it in a workshop as a warm-up activity and liked it, so I developed the piece further. 

Lies make the world go round. Well - at least, that was the wisdom inflicted on me.

My life was a mesh of interwoven lies, and by the time I had endured three months of lockdown I doubted that even my own name was true. Of course, now, with my mum in prison and my dad in hell, I understand why they lied. I would’ve done too, in their position.

I remember one isolated night exploring our house - they were out, only god knows where. I found five secret rooms. No, I’m not joking. You must think that they weren’t very hidden if I was able to find them, but you don’t understand. During lockdown, I became quite the detective. Any minuscule crack, chipped paint, fraying carpet…

The first one I found was pretty simple; a swinging bookcase that led into a large chamber. The second was actually in my bedroom: the audacity! I had noticed scratching from the ceiling and realised there must have been a cavity. I felt like a true investigator, lifting away the light fitting and seeing the pull-down ladder to a concealed attic.

Then there was the one in the guest room - there was a huge floor to ceiling wardrobe in one of our guestrooms which was filled with spare clothes. Pushing back the swathe of dresses and dinner jackets a little crawl hatch could be seen, leading to a little annexe.

The fourth was in the garden; a basement in the pool house that disguised a multitude of books - a secret library. I watched my spidery hands as I pushed open the door, terrified of what I might find but of course delighted at the same time. How clever I was!

Then the fifth - hidden in plain sight in the living room. I remember the sweet joy that an archaeologist must feel when he discovers his first tomb as I lifted the flap of carpet. I remember assaulting the trapdoor, tugging as if my hand was stuck, heaving until I spotted the tiny brass lock, dusty with cobwebs. I found the key in a drawer, but it was in that moment that I realised the sheer extent of their web of lies.

Lockdown collage by Harriet (11-14)

A collage of some of the stuff I did over lockdown. These are just the gaming things but I did all of them with my friends and it was a great way to stay in touch with them over lockdown

Black Lives Matter by Flynn (11-14)

A good man,

Killed for no reason,

A caring man,

A cool person to be with.

A horrible man,

He killed George Floyd,

He killed for nothing,

He killed him because he thought he was bad.

'Stormy Skies, Hopeful Eyes' by Aahana (11-14)

Through this mysterious storm,
The wind carrying bundles of frustration,
You and I will transform,
With not one bit of hesitation.

The clouds are getting darker,
We open the window to let in new opportunities,
Whether you use calculators or markers,
And smile to the community.

Each moment you spend,
Gazing as the darkness descends,
Your eyes and heart fill with sorrow,
Looking desperately for a good tomorrow.

But you don’t realize,
If you turn your head to the light,
The clouds will tear apart,
Giving you a clear path.

That little lightning strike,
Lighting up your mind,
Don’t storm away,
Not tomorrow- today.

Every time you feel drawn to the clouds,
The clouds that block your every path,
Turn around to the light you found,
Hidden deep inside the earth.

Despite the storms and rain we face,
We must remember,
Solutions not problems,
Light not dark.

Togetherness through the ways available,
Never discourage, be motivational,
We all matter and have that inner hope,
This is our home.

We are one,
We are united,
It is up to us,
To keep this world and light it.

'The World is Waking Up' by Catherine (14-16)

'Break Us Apart' by Jasmine (11-14)

'Everything happens for a reason' by Ecarg (11-14)

'Being happy' by Anna (7-11)

My 2020 by Laura (excerpt) (18+)

Day 11: Thursday 26 March
Tonight at 8pm we clapped for our carers for the first time with the neighbours on the small street in Castlefields.  People were particularly enthusiastic and the neighbour opposite brought out an old school bell and started clanging that.  Some of the neighbours further down were banging drums and when cars went past, they were clapping too.  Mum would always have a little chat with Chris and Ursula, her 2 immediate neighbours, after our hands ached from clapping so much.  I would storm into the house when it was over to see what was going on on TV.  I commented to Mum that it was like a little community.  We did it every week after that until the end of May and Chris had commented to Mum that she had missed the interaction when it finished.

Day 128: Monday 20 July
Today we decided to take a trip to Colwyn Bay in Wales.  Some of the restrictions were easing by this point and it was possible to travel to Wales as long as you wore a mask.  We travelled there and got there by lunchtime.  I was hungry so we decided to try and find a fish and chip shop – not easy in Wales on a Monday as everything is closed.  After finding the restaurants closed, we gave up and I had a KFC and Mum had a Subway.  On the way back, we passed a fish and chip shop!  I was so annoyed!  Then we went to the coast, where you could see wind turbines in the distance.  I had a paddle in the sea, after rolling up my jeans.  Mum sat down and waited.  I was so excited to be near water finally in the stifling heat!  I had sandy feet afterwards. 

Day 131: Thursday 23 July
Finally it was time for me to come back to Birmingham.  The staff had called and said if my bed wasn’t filled soon someone else would take it.  So we begrudging agreed it was time for me to head back.  I was sad to leave my Mum and the cats (or the girls, as we like to call them.)  But it was time, restrictions were lifting and it was simply time to head back.  Jill arranged for me to be picked up by Paul and so after packing everything away, he arrived and I headed back to Birmingham.  The journey didn’t seem to take that long which was good.  Mum had taken me food shopping at Morrisons before I was picked up to pick up some food for when I came back because I had to isolate for 2 days.

Day 199: Tuesday 29 September
They’re talking about further restrictions again now.  You’re only allowed to meet up to 5 people outside your household, they’re advising people to work from home again.  This time I’m in Birmingham and I’m worried it will affect my birthday plans in October – a meal at Marco Pierre White’s with family and friends. Time will tell…

A letter to racism by Amelia (11-14)

My 2020 by Charles (11-14)

This year I have had a good time in lockdown with my family.

I have been doing fun stuff at home with my family and going out.

I enjoy fishing with my family.

I have been playing games with my family and we have watched films.

I have been to the Toby carvery with my Dad, Mum and my brother James.

We have been going out to shops. I have got films from the shops to watch with my family, full of funny and good parts.

I have enjoyed playing games and being with my family.

My 2020 by Nathan (11-14)

The world is getting weak,
Germs are beginning to leak.

Down and down comes lock down,
Up and up the cases rise.

The blue skies begin to fade,
The grey clouds begin to stay.

While we stay indoors, nature returns to play,
Out, out we come to play but soon will have to stay.

The death of George Floyd, black lives matter,
All skin colours matter.

Death everywhere,
Protests and protests all over.

Big cities, nature is healing,
2020 is yet to be done.